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We can manufacture a range of acoustic canopies to protect generator machinery from noise, vibration and those working around them. Our acoustic canopies can also protect the generator from the elements as well as provide security, safe access and ventilation.

We have a wide range of acoustic canopies designed specifically for your generators so please contact us or visit our website for more detailed information and sizing.

Industrial and Marine Silencers

We are industrial and marine silencers specialists and we manufacture and supply exhaust silencers, steam vent silencers, intake attenuators, turbine silencers, and heat recovery systems.

A part of our industrial and marine silencers service, we also supply certified spark arrester silencers and removable catalytic converter units. We can provide a solution for many industrial applications including bespoke solutions to reduce specific or unusual noises.

 Industrial and Marine Silencers

Air Intake Silencers

We can provide a range of air intake silencers tailored to meet you specific requirements. Our air intake silencers can be designed to cope with the flow systems of you application.

Our air intake silencers can be designed from simple annular 'clean straight-through' acoustically-packed intake silencers to central pods or annular splitters.

We can tailor our air intake silencers to whatever sized application you have.

 Air Intake Silencers

Exhaust Gas Silencers

We have a selection of exhaust gas silencers specifically designed to suit every type of application and our silencers use either absorptive and reactive principles, or a combination of both.

We can cater for all your exhaust gas silencers and we have our own in-house test facility to give us the opportunity to conduct testing for noise, back pressure, materials, and construction.

 Exhaust Gas Silencers

Steam Vent Silencers

We are able to design and manufacture steam vent silencers ideal for use as attenuators for noise from the expansion of gas, steam or air.

Our steam vent silencers are ideal for reducing work place noise and to reduce the intrusion of industrial noise into residential areas. Please contact us with your specifications and we will help you with your steam vent silencers solution.

 Steam Vent Silencers

Air Inlet and Extract Attenuators

We can design and build a wide selection of air inlet extract attenuators ideal for reducing noise in all the applications you are looking for. Air inlet attenuators are necessary for generators in purpose-built plant rooms that need separate ventilation and noise reduction.

All our air inlet and extract attenuators can be designed and made to meet the most stringent requirements necessary.

 Air Inlet and Extract Attenuators

SCR System

Nitrogen Oxide, aka NOx, is a group of different gases made up of different levels of oxygen and nitrogen. Two of the most common nitrogen oxides, Nitrogen Dioxide and Nitric Oxide NOx, are given off in many forms, such as smog or particles. But what environmental problems are created by Nitrogen Oxide Pollution?

Some examples are the formation of ground level ozone (smog), creation of acid rain and water quality deterioration. In the air, NOx mixes readily with common organic chemicals to form toxic products. All of these cause a gradual rise in global warming which will lead to increased risks to human health, a rise in the sea level, and other adverse changes to plant and animal habitat.


IMS can now supply three major kinds of catalytic converters, each of which are capable of an emission reduction of over 90% in each of the following categories:

Single stage oxidation –Carbon Monoxide (CO) is reduced.

Two stage oxidation – Carbon Monoxide and Hydrocarbons (HC) are reduced.

Three stage SCR – in addition to CO and HC the level of Nitrous Oxides (N2O) are reduced.

Each of the above converters can be used within various applications such as locomotives and railway vehicles, construction machines, ships and yachts, s, tractors, commercial vehicles and buses, electrical and generator power plants, combined heat and power plants and CO2 fertilisation for greenhouses and waste incinerators


SCR, selective catalytic reaction is a relatively simple technology.

SCR technology uses reagents like urea, ammonia or AdBlue®, by dosing it into the exhaust gas line to convert NOx into nitrogen (N2), and water (H2O).

With SCR technology it is possible to reduce (NOx) by over 90 %.

Reagent injection works on the principle of injection the chemical by means of a dosing pump.

Injectors are used to atomize the reagent solution and to ensure even reagent dispersion into the exhaust gas line


  • Engineering & Design
  • Full system manufacture including supply of exhaust silencer if required
  • Delivery & Installation inclusive of all support framework, dosing system configuration & connection along with internal electrical wiring
  • Delivery of Urea
  • Commissioning & Training
SCR System

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