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pvc ventilation and ducting

PVC Ventilation and Ducting

Suppliers of Plastics to Industry - Industrial Engineering Plastics are stockholders of:

Holding the largest range of rigid & flexible plastic ventilation ducting & fittings in the country, distributing throughout UK on our own fleet of transport.

PVC & Polypropylene sheets
are now being manufactured for us in the Far East allowing pricing to be very competitive with an excellent quality. We also offer materials from the recognised European Manufacturers.

Materials are distributed
through our 2 branches in Hampshire & Birmingham on a next day service.

PVC Ventilation and Ducting

PVC Ducting

PVC Ducting

PVC Ventilation

  • IEP are distributors and manufacturers of PVC and PPS ventilation (ducting) pipe and fittings in sizes ranging from 50mm to 1500mm, in both circular and rectangular.
  • All of our pipework is exclusively manufactured to meet the DIN Standards required for DW154, the premier specification for PVC and PPS ductwork in the UK
  • We are also distributors for HOKA and BECK fittings, the leading manufacturers of PVC and PPS ventilation fittings in Europe

In addition to the standard extruded range of products we also offer

  • PVC and PPS fittings using blow and injection moulding techniques. This enables smooth internal bore in the ventilation ductwork, to ensure minimal air turbulence.
  • Circular ducting up to a 3000mm diameter using the butt welding technique
  • A bespoke range of rectangular ducting in materials such as PVC, PP and PPS, manufacturing products to customer's specific requirements and to naturally accept specifications such as DW154.
PVC Ventilation

Fabrication of Plastic Materials

In addition to the stockholding division we are now able to offer a complete bespoke fabrication service to fulfil our clients requirements, providing a range of fabricated items in PVC, Polypropylene PP, Polyethylene PE and PVDF, which compliment the off the shelf range.

Specialist rectangular ductwork can be made to drawings in a wide range of materials. We produce water & chemical storage vessels in PVC, PP and PE.

Fabrication of Plastic Materials

Plastic Tanks

Bespoke plastic tanks for the use in a wide range of applications including boat building industry, shell fish storage and chemical process industry, all tanks can be manufactured to BS4994/BSEN12573.

Complete bespoke fabrication service fulfilling clients requirements, PVC, Polypropylene PP, Polyethylene PE and PVDF, which compliment the off the shelf range.

Specialist rectangular ductwork made to drawings.

We produce water & chemical storage vessels in PVC, PP and PE.

Recently we have taken our expertise to the shellfish industry making lobster breeding trays & tanks.

Plastic Tanks

Plastic Welding Rods

The most recent addition to the IEP product range is the manufacture of our own welding rod in a wide range of plastics materials, with an extensive range of profiles to assist the welding technique.

We offer the following welding rods in low, medium and high density

  • PVC
  • Polypropylene
  • Polyethylene
  • ABS
  • Rubber modified polypropylene (suitable for the bumper repair industry for motor vehicles)

Without a high quality compatible welding rod it is difficult to provide a client with a product that can be fully reliable. For this reason IEP have decided to make substantial investments to manufacture their own range of welding rods so that we can be sure of a totally reliable product.

Plastic Welding Rods

Hygienic Wall Cladding

IEP are pleased to offer a highly competitive range of hygienic wall cladding in PVC and Polypropylene.

We are able to offer

  • Two colours of  white PVC for hygienic wall cladding
  • A range of pastel shades as well as a colour matched service to meet your specific requirements
  • A range of sizes and thicknesses available in all colours
  • Protective film on the face of the sheet to act as protection during installation
  • Polypropylene as an alternative material for use in hygienic wall cladding. Standard colours include white and light blue, although we are also able to offer production of special matched colours to client's requirements
  • A range of joining and fixing profiles

Specifications of the PVC wall cladding sheet

  • Conforms to the British Standard requirements of BS476 part 6 (fire propagation) and 7 (surface spread of flame), providing a class 1 certified fire rating which is the accepted standard for PVC sheet when used for Hygienic Wall Cladding.
  • Tested to EEC Health requirements and shown to be safe and hygienic in food environments. Please refer to Food Hygiene Certificate should this be required.
Hygienic Wall Cladding

Brinkmann Impellers

Brinkmann impellers are now manufactured by Industrial Engineering Plastics in polypropylene and PVDF.  For use in Brinkmann and other producers of PVC and polypropylene centrifugal fans.

Brinkmann Impellers

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