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We provide an extensive range of mobile hydraulic services to ensure our customers have a comprehensive 24-hour emergency call-out amenity. So whether you need installation or on-site maintenance, our hydraulic services can cover any eventuality.

All our work is regulated by the BFPDA and our professional engineers are highly qualified in the whole spectrum of hydraulic services, from design and build to installation and inspection. Whatever your hydraulic needs are we can meet them, and provide you with a variety of hoses meeting stringent industry requirements, as well as cylinder design and repair.

Industrial Hoses

We specialise in industrial hoses and supply complete hoses and couplings for a diverse range of industries.

We supply everything from tailor made industrial assemblies in Flex Metallic composite hoses to PVC and rubber suction discharge.


We offer an extensive selection of pneumatic systems ranging from miniature pneumatics to large components such as actuators, cylinders and valves. In addition to these we also supply a range of air preparation products.


Our hydraulics range consists of the world leader in tube fitting systems, Eaton Walterscheid. We provide the latest hydraulic products from this range including the WALFORMplus, WALPro and WALRing series.

As well as Eaton Walterscheid, we also stock many other well-known brands such as Hy-Fitt, RSB and Burnett & Hillman.

Hydraulic Quick Release Couplings

Our hydraulic quick release couplings range comprise of some of the top brands currently in the market. Our items include ISO A, ISO B, flat face, zero leakage, refrigerant, low spill, and trailer brake couplings.

Our couplings also consist of straight through, single and double shut off models. We also supply one of the most comprehensive ranges of hydraulic QRC's within the fluid power industry.


Our clamps range includes a variety of models to suit all your hose and tubing needs. We offer clamps from many principal manufacturers such as Mikalor and Jubilee, as well as our brands.

Our clamp products include:

  • Worm drive clips
  • O-clips
  • P-clips
  • Saddle clips
  • Pipe clamps

We also have specialist band strapping, ferrules and pipe repair couplings available.


Our spray and adhesives range include a wide range of water and solvent-based cleaners, lubricants and greases, as well as a selection of aerosol spray and brush forms of acrylic paint suitable for use with various materials.

Our superior range of adhesives is suitable for a range of different applications. We also supply spill absorbents suitable for use in conjunction with oil and other chemicals.


Our range of tools includes a diversity of hardware from handheld tools to electric gardening machinery. Washers, nuts and screws can also be found here and for use by everyone, from professionals to hobbyists.

Our tool range also includes submersible water pumps and storage bins.

Pneumatic And Vacuum Equipment

Our pneumatic and vacuum equipment range consists of a number of recognised manufacturers and includes products such as cylinders, valves, filtration, fittings, and tubes.

Pneumatic and vacuum equipment also comprises of high quality vacuum products such as pumps and vibrators.


We stock one of the most extensive ranges of valves within the fluid power industry and stock a wealth of UK and non-UK brands. Valves can be manufactured in stainless steel, brass, brass nickel plated, and bronze as well as PVC and plastic.

Our comprehensive range of valves includes:

  • Lever valves
  • Gate valves
  • Globe valves
  • Solenoid valves of either 2/2 and or 3/2 valves
  • Angle seat valves
  • Process valves
  • Butterfly wafer valves
  • Pattern valves
  • Safety valves
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