Industrial Flow Control Ltd

IFC inflow are market leaders in the design, manufacture and supply of tanker loading equipment and high level safe access systems for road & rail tankers. With over 20 years experience in liquid & powder tanker loading and high level safe access systems we are able to provide off the shelf products and custom design & build solutions for all you fluid handling, tanker loading and high level safe access needs. Our product range includes Loading Arms, Swivel Joints, Tanker Loading, Road Tanker Loading, Skid Fabrication, Loading Platforms, Tanker Access, Rail Loading and Unloading Arms

Bottom loading skids

The IFC range of Bottom Loading Skids are self-contained units designed for flow rates of up to 2500 l/min per arm. Each skid component is carefully chosen to match the desired flow rate required. The units are supplied direct to site in a fully assembled condition ready for immediate use. Brand new sites and terminal upgrades are equally well served with this method of construction and real savings can be found in both time and on-site engineering costs. The standard configuration is for single-side loading with up to 5 product lines. Also offered is a modified system for dual-side loading, which is ideal for tightly spaced depots with high throughput.

Bottom Loading arms

The IFC 445 Bottom Loading Arm is designed with the operator in mind. From its fully sealed compression spring designed to perfectly balance the arm for easy manoeuvrability to the weather resistant durability of the powder coated to its engineered low value cost, this arm is the ideal solution for many bottom liquid loading requirements including bottom loading skids, bottom loading gantries and top to bottom loading conversions.

Top loading arms

IFC top loading arms are specially designed to suit the filling of tankers from the top or the side.

The truck loading arms are designed for open, semi-closed (with cone) or closed (with flanged connection) operation. The arms can be operated manually, or with the use of pneumatic or hydraulic control systems.

Chemical loading arms

The Chemload series of top and bottom loading/unloading chemical arms is a family of arms introduced recently for the petro/chemical and food industries.

Folding Stairs

Available as 3, 4, or 5 step models our Folding Stairs provide a nominal horizontal reach from 1.25m to 2.05m. Stair treads are fitted with ‘moonscape’ treads that easily drain to prevent icy or greasy surfaces and each step remains horizontal whilst the Folding Stairs automatically adjust to varying tanker heights.

Fixed postion tanker access

IFC Loading Platforms are extensively used to enable operators to work safely on the top of tankers and ISO containers. Easy to install, the LP1600 modular pedestal structure comprises a floor to tanker top stairway, central support column, and a platform working area with safety handrails.

TopTank - Mobile tanker access

The TopTank Access Ladder is a lightweight, mobile, yet sturdy tanker access system offering complete safety and ease of use to operators. It is an economic alternative to fixed installations where access is limited.

Flow meters

Our Positive Displacement Flow Meter meets the highest accuracy requirements for oil and petrochemical products. These meters are ideal for both top or bottom loading systems and are an economic method of measurement when specified with an IFC tanker loading package. Both mechanically and electronically controlled versions are available.

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