Industrial Friction Materials Ltd

As brake and clutch specialists, we can supply various brake pads, shoes, discs and drums for many vehicles and applications. Our brake pad range covers both automotive and commercial sectors with products being tested to ECE R90 brake safety regulations to ensure optimum performance and quality.

  1. Automatic Control Systems Industrial

    Automatic Control Systems Industrial
    We specialise in Automatic Control Systems Industrial
  2. Automation Industrial

    Automation Industrial
    We specialise in Automation Industrial
  3. Autosport Brake Discs

    Autosport Brake Discs
    We specialise in Autosport Brake Discs
  4. Autosport Brakes

    Autosport Brakes
    We specialise in Autosport Brakes
  5. Brake and Clutch Components

    Brake and Clutch Components
    We specialise in Brake and Clutch Components
  6. Brake/Clutch Materials, Vintage Vehicles

    Brake/Clutch Materials, Vintage Vehicles
    We specialise in Brake/Clutch Materials, Vintage Vehicles
  7. Brake Linings Manufacture

    Brake Linings Manufacture
    We specialise in Brake Linings Manufacture
  8. Brake Pads Commercial Vehicles

    Brake Pads Commercial Vehicles
    We specialise in Brake Pads Commercial Vehicles
  9. Brake Pads Industrial

    Brake Pads Industrial

    We specialise in all Industrial Brake Pads for various industries.

  10. Brake Pads Motorcycle, Scooter

    Brake Pads Motorcycle, Scooter
    We specialise in Brake Pads Motorcycle, Scooter