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We have been widely recognised by both public bodies and by industry as a good source of best practice in the fields of noise and vibration - largely because we have been responsible for a number of the innovations in techniques and technology that constitute current best practice.

Award winning noise control technology reduces typical project costs by 50 - 80% ...

Widely recognised as the leading UK exponents of best practice in noise and vibration control and management, the INVC is the ideal first port of call for advice, information and practical solutions to noise and vibration problems. Search our web site or contact us for independent advice on noise and vibration reduction and management from an expert consultant.

Noise Control

 Unique engineering source control technologies that reduce costs by up to 90%.

  • Impact Noise Control - chutes, bins, conveyors, hoppers....
    We have developed a suite of new impact noise control techniques that typically provide 10-20dB reductions and are more effective than conventional technology.
  • Applications: chutes, hoppers, conveyors, bins, recycling plant, scrap yards, train/truck loading/unloading, quarries ...
  • Benefits: rugged (often harder wearing than the untreated surface); low cost; hygienic

Scrap Impact Noise Control
.. £250 000 cost saving on environmental noise control...
We saved a scrap recycling company over £250 000 on noise barriers by controlling the scrap impact noise at source. This is new technology that can reduce the impact noise from crushers in quarries, dump trucks, shredders, trains, manual handling etc by up to 15dB(A). Compared with conventional noise control techniques, the cost is miniscule, it is incredibly rugged and has no effect on plant operation, maintenance or access.

Noise Control

Noise Assessment

Benchmark template Digital Noise Assessments   Our occupational noise assessment report is the industry benchmark. As the IOSH approved competency training organisation, we train assessors and also review a cross section of typical noise assessment reports. An INVC report provides a programme of action that details precisely what constitutes "best practice" to meet all the requirements of the Control of Noise at Work Regulations in your specific circumstances. It is a pragmatic working document, designed for the use of managers and safety professionals, enabling them to implement effective action to manage the risks as cost effectively as practical. In many cases, they can be issued "as is" as a statement of company policy.
Noise Assessment

Hand Arm Vibration (HAV) database

 The short-cut to assessment and risk management from the largest database of accurate field data available - never measure vibration again.

Hand Arm Vibration (HAV) database

Noise HAV Training

 The IOSH approved training organisation - and the largest supplier of Noise and HAV competency training in the UK

  The INVC is the IOSH approved noise training organisation - and the largest provider of noise competency training in the UK and Ireland. We run general courses for IOSH and for other training organisations as well as customised in-house versions for many major companies across a wide range of industries. All noise training courses are run by practicing consultant engineers with many years of experience in the field. This makes the training highly practical (with a uniquely non-academic style and content that goes down very well with busy professionals) and therefore very effective. All course material is multi-media with matching course notes.
Noise HAV Training

Noise and Vibration Analysis

Production line testing and bespoke analysis systems -

As an extremely well equipped engineering consultancy, we use a very wide range of both proprietary and bespoke instrumentation across a very wide range of applications on a daily basis. Couple this with a background in automotive engineering and data analysis and you can see why we have acquired a reputation for developing innovative and practical analysis techniques and systems that have wide industrial and environmental application.

 Consequently, we provide analysis, technical support and training services for a host of consultancies, Local Authorities, Councils and industrial concerns. Plus we have also developed a range of bespoke software and hardware for both general and specific project noise and vibration measurement, storage, analysis and processing.

Noise and Vibration Analysis

Environmental noise control

We define Best Available Technology (BAT)

Our reputation as the major UK provider of innovative, engineering noise control techniques is a reassuring guarantee that we can solve your noise control problems in the most practical and cost effective manner possible.
In fact there are many examples of companies actually making a profit by implementing our recommendations through increased productivity and reduced down-time.

Environmental noise control

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