Industrial PENSTOCKS Ltd


Here at Industrial Penstocks, we specialise in the design and manufacture of sluice gates suitable for an assortment of applications. Our robust sluice gates are developed with our customer's individual requirements in mind.

Flap Valves

We have developed an impressive selection of flap valves to suit modern needs. Our advanced flap valves provide a flexible solution for the water and sewage industry.

Flap Valves

Sluice Gate Valves

We have an impressive range of products, such as sluice gate valves, design to suit a variety of requirements. Our innovative products include:

  • Sluice gate valves
  • Handstops
  • Upward pressure relief vales
  • Hydrostatic valves
  • Stop logs
  • Flap valves
  • Sludge valves
  • Floating valves
Sluice Gate Valves


We design and manufacture Penstocks in all sizes from 100mm to 2000mm to suit and array of applications. We use the latest software programs to produce Penstocks to much larger and higher specification.


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