Industrial Pipeline Solutions Ltd

We are experienced and specialist suppliers of high-quality valve packages to water, process and pharmaceutical industries. Our product range includes numerous options in disc valves. As well as disc valves, we also supply:

  • Ductile iron pipes and fittings
  • Steel pipes and fittings
  • Jointing products
  • Miscellaneous pipeline products

Hydro Gates

We also stock and supply various options in hydro gates. As well as hydro gates, further products we supply include:

  • Cast iron penstocks
  • Stainless steel fabricated penstocks
  • Arms and stop legs
  • Hydrostatic bellmouths
Hydro Gates

Roller Gates

We also supply market leading options in roller gates. For the supply of roller gates, we have a highly experienced team who also have extensive experience in the supply of all other pressure pipeline products.

Our team are committed to providing an unrivalled level of service and value engineering.

Roller Gates

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