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FSL has been manufacturing cordless remote controls since 1989 and electronic scoreboards since 1994. FSL products are currently in use in over 100 countries worldwide.

Remote control is a major benefit to almost everywhere it is applied. It improves productivity and efficiency and prevents accidents. Users experience lower overheads and manpower and dramatic financial gains.

Over the past number of years the name Ultrabeam has become synonymous as a quality remote control system used in some of the world's harshest environments.

Quarry plants, conveyors, furnace doors, winch gear, fork lift trucks, security access ... we've provided remote control systems for them all - and many more.We provide the complete service from initial consultancy and bespoke design through to manufacture and commissioning. No minimum quantities, no job too big or small, we believe in offering you, the customer, with a remote control solution that exactly meets your needs right down to the customised labelling of the buttons.

Electronic Design Service

Do you have an idea or a problem that needs solving?

FSL Electronic Design Consultancy offers you free advice on electronic design solutions and electronic product development tailored to your project. As winners of
several awards for research and development we ensure each solution is designed to the highest standard of quality and performance.

FSL Electronics provide an electronics and software design service that is tailored to meet your individual needs and requirements. Our designers have created
electronic solutions for many of our OEM customers to advance their products and global competitiveness through lower costs, increased reliability and vastly reduced
service requirements.

Whether you have a product concept or idea and need the electronics designed and taken through to production, or you have an additional design support – we are
likely to be able to assist you.

Electronic Design Service

Engine Control Panels

Eliminate many of the drawbacks of the traditional electrical control panel by fitting an electronic panel from FSL.
With onboard diagnostics to speed up installation and on-site faultfinding, the FSL panel can speed up production, reduce maintenance costs and costs less than an equivalent electrical panel.

On the FSL panel the contactors are replaced with PCB mounted power relays, the timer relays and relay monitors are replaced with the microprocessor which also controls all the timing. This greatly reduces all associated wiring involved in the system.

Each control panel is designed to suit the customers’ specific application, using only the very best components from leading manufacturers. We are happy to build control panels from your own electrical schematics, or alternatively, why not let FSL design the complete system for you

Infrared Remote Controls

Material handling experts cite a number of reasons why infrared remote control may actually be the better of the two technologies. The first reason being that because the infrared method works by transmitting a beam of light, the operator must be in full view of the equipment he or she is operating. Once they are out of sight, the beam is obstructed and the controls turn off. This is an added safety factor, as the operator’s full ability to see and assess the situation is critical.

Another advantage of infrared remote control is that it is tuned specifically to the machine that it controls. This is helpful in situations where there is more than one piece of equipment that is outfitted for remote activity. With RF remote control there is a chance that a worker can pick up a control and accidentally start operating the wrong machine. Infrared remote control, because of the way it is tuned, makes this type of mistake impossible.

Infrared Remote Controls

GSM Remote Controller

The GSM-CallFree2 is a wireless remote control on/off switch that connects to the GSM cell phone network. It is activated by calling it’s mobile phone number there are no call costs incurred when dialling, the unit will then reject the call without answering and switch on the device connected to it.

RF Remote Controls

Remote control is a major benefit to almost everywhere itis applied. It improves productivity and efficiency and prevents accidents. Users experience lower overheads and manpower.

Industrial Displays

Improve Safety Around the Quarry with Despatch Displays from FSL Ltd

Remote Track Solutions

FSL provide a range of remote controls for operating tracks and tipping grips for conveyors or screeners. The Minigrip Track Handset is designed for up to 7 functions and were the customer is looking the smallest handset available.

Remote Level Sensor Display

Wireless Level measurement Solutions

Remote handset with LCD display indicator to integrate with popular makes of Weight and level sensors
Can be used to indicate various materials (sand, gravel & liquids)
Robust rechargeable handset with backlit display and switches
Numerous level sensors can be indicated at once
Various input modes available (4-20A, 0-10V)
Can be configured to suit clients individual needs (logos, screen display etc)The receiver includes options for momentary, latching and timed outputs for each relay with optional external aerial for operating range of up to 250 metres.
(Option to extend range with external aerial or Yagi Aerial)

Applications: Bin Level’s e.g., Silo, Sand, Gravel, Diesel, Kerosene, Oil.

Control Panels

Eliminate many of the drawbacks of the traditional electrical control panel by fitting an electronic panel from FSL.

Access Control

Security plays a large part in choosing to install an electronic gate system at either your home or business premises. Electrically controlled gates are a much better deterrent to the opportunist, car thief or vandal. In conjunction with a video or audio intercom, you can control who has access to your premises from the safety of your home or office.


This i-spi is designed for the protection of vehicles with GSM network and GPS technology. Users can track the position of the vehicle using either SMS messaging for use as a driver alarm or GPRS for live tracking and mapping using a web or PC based server.


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