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Industrial Safety Inspections Ltd (ISI) are a leading independent impartial engineering inspection company specialising in LOLER inspection services to protect industrial and commercial clients.

We carry out intense thorough examinations on various types of equipment and have a wealth of experience in LOLER inspections covering all lifting equipment

We can offer free advice over the phone and a fully itemised quotation without obligation. We can manage your LOLER inspection schedule for you if required, and give you advance notice of when inspections will need to be carried out. Written reports are available by post or through our secure online portal.

Typically the sorts of equipment covered would be:

  • Cranes
  • Fork-lift trucks
  • Lifts
  • Hoists
  • Mobile elevating work platforms
  • Vehicle inspection platform hoists

Industrial Safety Inspections

ISI is a leading independent engineering inspection provider, operating throughout the UK. We offer a wide range of inspection and testing services carried out by a highly qualified team of engineer surveyors. We respond quickly to requests for quotations, technical advice and inspections. You will receive a professional impartial report which can be accessed online if required.

We will inspect one item or many in a fast and professional manner as we have been doing since 1979, so you can be assured that all our inspection are based on sound engineering judgement.

Our prices are competitive and our service is 100% reliable.Contact us for more information.

PUWER Inspection

PUWER inspection standards require power presses operating with automatic, interlocking or photoelectric guards to be examined every six months. In regards to power presses with fixed guards or enclosed tooling, thorough examination should take place every 12 months.

With our expertise in the field, we provide full PUWER inspection services and are happy to be contacted for more details today.

LEV Plant Inspections

Local Exhaust Ventilation Plant is subject to the COSHH Regulations 2002 which requires the plant to be maintained in a safe condition.  ISI can ensure that your LEV plant complies with the COSHH regulations and can offer free advice over the phone about your inspection needs.

We can manage your inspection schedule on your behalf and provide written reports or make them available via our online reporting system

Forklift Thorough Examination

Every forklift is required by law to have a thorough examination. As independent LOLER and PUWER experts we offer an independent and impartial service to act as the “competent person” required by the law.

We can provide compregensive forklift thorough examination testing to meet all the LOLER and PUWER requirements as well as documentation with all faults clearly listed. Contact us for more information.

Pressure System Inspections

Any pressure system needs to meet the Pressure Systems Regulations 2000 (PSSR). The system needs to be inspected to comply with a written scheme of examination.

ISI can provide a full pressure system inspection service including a plant survey and a no obligation quote for ongoing inspections to an agreed schedule. All the PSSR inspections are carried out by qualified engineers with written reports being sent by post or through our online reporting system.

If you have any queries, we offer free impartial advice by phone, whatever the size of your system.


Pressure Testing

Testing of pressure vessels will be required for a variety of reasons such as, at periodic intervals, after an inspection where corrosion has been discovered or following damage or repair.

ISI can test pressure test equipment, including accumulators, heat exchangers, steam boilers and other pressure vessels, to a maximum pressure of 150.000 psi.

If you need information on our pressure testing service, please contact us

Proof Load Testing

ISI can proof load test a wide variety of lifting equipment and supply the necessary certification. A proof load test might be needed after a repair, equipment overhaul or following an incident and periodic load testing can be required to meet some British Standards.

We can carry out proof load tests on all types of lifting equipment either on site or at our in house test facility.

If you need more information please get in touch.

Lifting equipment for proof load testing include:

  • Chain blocks
  • Lifts
  • Jib cranes
  • Hoists
  • Fork lift trucks
  • Lorry loaders
  • Toe jacks

Specialist Inspections

As well as inspections to meet statutory regulations, we also carry out specialist inspections to meet industry guidelines or codes of practice for a wide range of machinery. If you have any concerns or foresee a potential hazard and would like a specialist inspection, please contact us for a detailed professional assessment. Some of our specialist engineering inspections might include, structural inspections, corrosion assessment, inspections of walkways and ladders or electrical installations.

If you need more information, just give us a call.

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