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Industrial Tomography Systems (ITS) designs and delivers process visualisation tools based upon the principles of electrical tomography; enabling users to see inside their pipes and vessels, empowering them to better understand their process, and optimise their manufacturing. Clients who have already benefitted from ITS's tomography systems include GlaxoSmithKline, Nestle, and Johnson Matthey.

How does tomography work?

ITS's tomography systems enable users to monitor their processes in non-intrusive ways. A typical application involves arranging a ring of electrodes around the periphery of a vessel or a pipe; a very small electrical current is then injected into a pair of these electrodes, which then propagates through the process media (of course, the differing electrical properties of the media will determine how this current propagates). Voltage readings from the other electrodes are then detected by an ITS data acquisition system, which relays this information to tomography software on the user's PC, interpreting it as a conductivity map or "tomogram". This tomogram (pictured right) represents a 2D slice through the vessel/pipe; by taking multiple reads that can be stacked together, a 3D image of the process can be generated.

In addition to this qualitative data, a wealth of quantitative information will also be generated, which can be exported users' preferred software for analysis (such as MatLab or MS Excel).

Key applications

ITS's tomography technology is suitable for a range of applications, and has successfully be installed across a range of different sectors including pharmaceutical production, food and drink manufacturing, oil and gas refining, and chemical production; with clients including Nestle, Johnson Matthey, and GlaxoSmithKline.

Key applications include:

Key products

ITS has a range of products designed to meet the needs of the most demanding applications. Our systems are grouped in "product packages" (comprised of a sensor, a data acquisition system, and tomography software), which are designed with specific applications in mind. Our most popular packages include:

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