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Here at Industrial Valves, we supply Penstock valves, recognised in the industry for their attitude and approach to the design and manufacture of their valves. They combine traditional methods with modern computer design software. The Penstock valves range is continually growing and the company supplies both internationally and in the UK.

Penstock valves provides you with high quality products, services and designs to give you the best valve solution possible.

Eccentric Plug Valves

We supply a variety of eccentric plug valves ideal for a range of applications. Our eccentric plug valves come in sizes from 50mm to 2000mm and the bodies are made of cast iron, cast steel and stainless steel. Our eccentric plug valves can also be lever, gearbox or actuated as options. They are used in clean water or waste applications.

Knife Gate Valves

We have a range of knife gate valves including uni-directional / bi-directional. They are available in an assortment of sizes from 50mm to 1200mm. Our knife gate valves can be operated by hand wheel, gearbox or have actuated options and have pressure rating up to PN40. Our knife gate valves are used in water, waste water, solids or pulp and paper applications.

Ball Valves

We supply a range of ball valves and actuated process ball valves. Our ball valves are available in sizes from 8mm upwards and come in flanged and screwed options. Ball valves come in various metal types. There are high performance valves suitable for use in water, waste water, gas and petrochemical applications. Our actuated process ball valves are used in all applications and are available in plastic options. They are pneumatic or electrically operated.

Process Lined Plug Valves

We have a range of process lined plug valves available in a range of sizes from 15mm upwards. Our process line plug valves have linings to suit your application and are either operated with a lever or gearbox. Our process lined plug valves can be actuated either pneumatically or electrically.

Positioners and Solenoid Valves

We supply positioners and solenoid valves including weatherproof, explosion-proof and IS versions. Our positioners and solenoid valves are in all standard voltages and have analogue / digital or pneumatic positioners for all actuator types.

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