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Based in Birmingham, UK, Industrial Washing Machines Ltd. are an established global supplier of industrial washing equipment.


IWM Ltd Design, Manufacture, Maintain and Support


Tray Washers, Pallet Washers, Bin Washers, Keg Washers, Rack Washers, Cabinet Washers, Layer Pad Washers, Sanitisers, Special Purpose Washers and Applications.


For over 30 years we have been successfully  supplying all industries with high quality standard and bespoke washing and sanitising systems. IWM have supplied hundreds of companies around the world within all areas of the food producing and processing industry, the pharmaceutical sector, numerous industrial/automotive companies and, increasingly over recent years, the logistics/distribution industry has been using IWM's range of high throughput washing and drying systems for supermarket distribution crates.

Industrial Tray Washing

IWM LTD design, manufacture and maintain an extensive range of Industrial Traywashers, from compact, single man operation machines like the Crusader T200 with a throughput of up to 200 trays/hr, to full warehouse logistics operations where machines such at the Crusader T2000 operate continuously on a 24hr basis and provide throughputs in excess of 2000 trays per hour.

Industrial Rack Washing

Industrial Washing Machines range of standard rackwashers are unique in the industry. A cabinet washing system, pit or floor mounted, which accommodates a variety of racks using a timed wash and rinse cycle. A single door operation allows one rack to be washed at a time. Double door options are also available for "straight through" operations.

IWM have pioneered the "sealed pit" system for maximum hygiene, and also incorporate the Traveljet moving jet system for enhanced washing performance as standard.  We also manufacture special purpose rackwashers for unique and individual applications.

Pallet Washers

IWM design pallet washing and drying equipment around the customers application and specific type of pallet being used. We can accommodate all sizes and throughputs of pallets in use today, and most forms of pallet construction.  

IWM also produce Pallet Box washing systems, where the Pallet Box is fully disassembled for washing. For washing Pallet Boxes in the fully formed state, please see our Bin Washer section for suitable models.

Industrial Bin Washers

IWM can produce washing equipment for all types of bulk containers. cabinet style, continuous conveyorised systems, auto load, manual load or fork truck loaded machinery. Our popular EC series of cabinet design Eurobin washers, complete with integral automatic lifting device, offer exceptional wash performance to both internal and external surfaces of the very common "Eurobin" or wheeled buggy.

Industrial Sanitiser Machinery

IWM constructs individual equipment for individual processes, highlighting this is our unique range of sanitising equipment for any and all high risk operations where sanitising of items is a primary requirement. We offer a range of processes dependant on requirements, to this end a full sanitiser design and build service is available. Our popular San100 machine is installed in numerous food manufacturers across Europe, wherever hygiene levels cannot be compromised.  We also construct to suit bespoke applications and demanding environments, as our special purpose sanitiser range illustrates.

Layer Pad Washers

IWM have pioneered the conveyorised design layer pad washer, to wash layer pads on a continuous basis. We have to date installed systems for can pads (0.8mm thick), PET pads (2-3mm thick) and Glass pads (4-6mm thick). IWM also specialise in bespoke systems for other types of pads, dividers and auto-handling systems to suit.

Keg Washers

IWM design and manufacture a wide range of external keg washing systems to suit all applications, IWM can offer a full package including, specialist filtration systems, high pressure label removal, ink jet removal, and in-line automatic handling systems
IWM have supplied these machines all around the world, to several major international breweries.

Special Purpose Washers

IWM take great pride  in our engineering versatility. The range and variety of wash items is ever growing as new products and containment systems come to market. To this end IWM will design and build individual purpose built systems to suit ANY application, and endeavour to supply every industry with the best possible solution to their washing requirements.

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