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IndySoft is recognized as the best ‘commercially available’ Enterprise-wide Calibration Management Software on the market today, largely due to its recognition of compliance with QS9000, TS16949, ISO9000, FDA 21CFR Part 11 and ISO17025 – to name just a few.

It has taken almost 20 years of real-world development and testing by true professionals in the field with license sales up in their thousands across the world in both large global organizations and small enterprises for IndySoft to reach this achievement.

It is fully supported and maintained and ready to use – right out of the box.

The IndySoft Calibration Management Software package is capable of controlling unlimited quantities of gauges and instrumentation and via its connection to SQL databases such as Oracle or Microsoft SQLServer; it can retrieve gauge information in a matter of seconds and is capable of connecting up multiple users, sites and locations.

Gauge Management

We make no assumptions as to the type of instrument that you calibrate. You can create your own test points with tolerance limits and other sophisticated calculations or you can even use MS Word or Excel if you already have them set-up.

Any Asset can be stored within the software – whether it needs calibration or not. Additionally, there are no limits to the type of schedules you can have for a gauge/asset calibration, repair, service, maintenance, re-charge, lubrication – in fact, anything and what’s more a gauge/asset can have multiple schedules assigned to it.

The software also supports parent/child relationships, so assets can also have associated equipment and accessories assigned to them – as well as repair parts.

Automated reports and equipment due reminders can be automatically emailed to clients/colleagues whenever you chose. The system has a comprehensive report builder to allow you to create reports, certificates, stickers, work orders, cal-due, delivery notes, invoices and service due reminders.

Being able to perform your own calibrations and automatically generating certificates and stickers or sending equipment out to sub-contract laboratories and then storing their certificates back into the system is very quick and easy to do.

Gage Management

The licensing of the software and letting people use it couldn’t be easier, the system even comes with different security levels to either allow or restrict access to features and functions – depending on your needs.

Key advantages to using IndySoft are:

  • Significantly reducing the costs of calibration and maintenance
  • Creating your own test/measurement points and recording the results
  • Automatically generating Calibration Certificates and Stickers
  • Scan and store sub-contract lab certificates
  • Manage re-calibration, service, maintenance schedules effectively of your own in-house masters
  • Reducing the amount of duplicated effort in administration
  • Supports all Barcode and RFI tagging
  • Making the best use of existing resources
  • Store prices, generate spare part stock levels
  • Staff become more efficient
  • Improves communication between you and your customer and sub-contract laboratories
  • Full audit trails and certification for Quality Management
  • Maps to existing Procedures and Quality Documentation with full revision control
  • Very fast ROI (return on investment)
  • We can even import customers’ existing and inferior gauge data into the IndySoft Calibration Management Software package using our conversion utility, thus negating the need to re-enter gauge information.

Calibration Software

This comprehensive software product is flexible enough to suit any companies’ requirements. Whether you just want a software tool for Asset Management or to track all your Gauge movements, Calibrations and complete History, the IndySoft Calibration software tool will all do this and more besides. Used by many thousands of businesses around the world from small manufacturers to global multi-site facilities.

Gauge Management and Calibration for Commercial Laboratories

Adding to the industry leading Gauge InSite, this version is specifically developed for and used by Commercial Laboratories around the world. With all of the features to perform Calibration and Automatically produce certificates, stickers, etc. Also, this version can store price lists, issue quotations, invoices and dispatch notes. Everything a Commercial Laboratory needs in order to provide an effective and efficient service. We even have a module to allow your clients to down-load certificates, view gauge history and generate reports – all web-based and secure.

Tool Management with Tool InSite

Sharing the same database as Gauge InSite, this tooling module gives extra ‘shop-floor’ features like comprehensive Tooling Tracking and Parts Inventory Management. You can control Unique Tools, Hand Tools and Consumables  as well as view details of the Gauges. An asset can have multiple schedules assigned to it, Maintenance, Service, Repair, and Calibration so you can store anything from a lift/hoist to drills and wrenches – as well as see the gauges.

As with the other products, this module supports Barcode Scanning to enable speedy check in/out events.

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