Inert Belting and Materials


Inert Belting & Materials Limited is a world class Manufacturer, Supplier and Installer of PTFE coated
composite belting. We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver bespoke solutions for the most demanding
of applications. We are constantly developing our products and services beyond the expectations of our
clients, and the abilities of our competitors.

Inert for Industry

Inert Solutions for Industry - Typical Industry Sectors

  • Food Processing
  • Textile - Drying
  • Non-Woven and Fusing
  • Packaging
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Chemical
  • UPVC Window
  • Rubber Exstrusion
  • Floor Covering
  • Automotive
  • Screenprinting
  • Aerospace
  • Mineral Seperation
  • Powder Coating
  • Architectural


Inert Belting

Our belting range has over 80 different product grades from which we fabricate belts covering a vast spectrum of applications, in almost every known industry sector. From small multi-ply laminate belts with 'Zero' thickness increase splices; used in Packaging Machinery, to Mesh grades at 4.8m wide for the Textile industry, we have a product to suit the most demanding of applications.

The vast majority of the belts we produce are custom designed to meet a clients specific requirements. Our Technical Sales Team are constantly working with our clients to develop a belts design in order to optimise its operational efficiency. This leads to improved performance and lifespan of the belt, which can have dramatic and positive effects on the cost efficiencies of your production process.

PTFE & Silicone Coated Process Conveyor Belting

Inert Belting & Materials Limited is a market leader in the Design, Manufacture, Supply and Instillation of PTFE and Silicone coated process conveyor belting. Our state of the art production facility located in the UK's industrial heartland and has been designed to produce belts up to a maximum width of 5m

Design - Manufacture - Supply - Installation

Incorporating a wide range of fabrication techniques ranging from fuse-bonded Teflon stitching, to laser guided edge cutting, our experienced production team are committed to constantly developing their skills and techniques in order to provide bespoke solutions for the ever changing demands of our clients - including such advancements as 'zero thickness increase' belt splices and 'heat-resistant' cushioning mats for the production of pattern-embossed, heat-tempered worktop savers.


We term our 'Materials' range as being any product that it not sold as a process conveyor belt or slit tape. This includes products that are used for belting applications and our Self-Adhesive range. These are generally supplied as a full width roll, the dimensions dependant on product grade and volume required. From 0.050mm to 0.9mm thick and up to 5m wide we have a vast range to meet your exacting requirements. Our Self-Adhesive group of products can be supplied with either Silicone or Acrylic based pressure sensitive adhesive.


Utilizing our slitting and conversion capabilities, we offer a wide range of tape products. Our range of tape products includes our Self-Adhesive and Non-Adhesive range of Materials as well as; Skived PTFE, Oriented PTFE, Zone / Heat Sealer tapes, and Rod & Stitch Tape.From our PTFE coated substrate group we can supply tapes slit from as narrow as 3mm and in standard lengths of 7.5m, 15m and 30m. These can be individually shrink-wrapped or grouped into batches. Our Zone & Heat Sealer tape range is custom produced to meet clients exacting requirements

Open Mesh Belting

Our range of Open-Mesh PTFE coated belting is graded from 1mm x 1mm, (window size) - 6mm x 6mm and up to 4.8m wide. With various thicknesses, coated weights and substrate types, including UV resistant, Anti-Static and Kevlar-Reinforced Carcass. We have products to meet the most demanding of application environments. All mesh belts can be supplied with metalic clips, high-porosity mechanical fasteners, fused endless or prepared for on-site instillation. Our latest splice technology eliminates the use of Flouropolymer welding film, thus creating a splice with up to 100% porosity


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