Infinium Pharmachem Pvt Ltd

With over a decade's experience in the Chemical Industry, Infinium Pharmachem Pvt Ltd. has emerged as the manufacturers & exporters of Iodine Derivatives and its allied products.

Headquartered in Gujarat, India, Infinium pharmachem Pvt Ltd  today is an innovation led company producing a wide range of quality, affordable Iodine derivatives for the developed and developing markets of the world.

Since 2003, Infinium Pharmachem Pvt Ltd has been establishing and maintaining long-term relationships with leading customers in Pharma Intermediates, Agro Intermediates and Dyes Intermediates.

Infinium Pharmachem Pvt Ltd is a dedicated ISO-900:2008 Company. Adherence to quality management practices and total customer satisfaction are the company’s prime objectives. We continuously upgrade our product to meet the new challenges in the modern Hi-tech world.

We have been aggressively expanding into international markets. And with growing sales in each continent it is our aspiration to establish Infinium as a leading chemical brand, worldwide. We serve globally and thus our clientele involve customers from all parts of the world. These clients are from diverse industrial background, which are agriculture sector, food and beverages sector, laboratory and research sector, pharmaceuticals sector, fine chemicals sector like polymer emulsions, rubber, dyestuffs, paper, textiles etc.

We strongly adhere to the principles of hardwork, reliability, efficiency and morality. This approach has enabled us to incorporate goodwill amongst all our audience, be it clients, consumers, suppliers, or our very own employees.

Customer Commitment: We continuously endeavor to improve the efficiency and to exceed the expectations of our customers, and are solely focused on their success.To deliver customer solutions developed by dedicated associates with a passion and reputation for making a difference. By taking our customers' needs and goals to heart, we don't just sell them products – we create ways to make them stronger.  It's inside everything we do.

Dedication towards Excellency: Excellence is a synergy of technology, quality and service. At Infinium, right from our inception, we have worked towards enhancing all the three.

Integrity: We value honesty, “do the right thing” in our behavior, and deliver on our promises

Teamwork: We will work together as a globally integrated whole, and expect cooperation and         open communication between all associates.

Entrepreneurship: We encourage new ideas and innovative thinking in the pursuit
of constructive change.

“Our aspiration is to become a transnational company, to be counted as the darling of top most MNC’s & leading domestic pharmaceuticals in the world. Going forward, we have to consistently set ourselves standards and benchmarks that will be world-class but uniquely Infinium"




Infinium Pharmachem Pvt Ltd Overview