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Inscale Measurement Technology Ltd is a UK based company with over ten years experience in the Load cell industry. We believe in providing our customers with the best service available, which has given us an enviable reputation for quality, service and reliability.

Our product range is extensive and this site will expand providing customers with a larger range of competitive products. The product range can be summarized as follows:

* Laboratory Scales for Industry, Schools, Colleges and Universities

* Counting scales for general industrial and warehousing applications with capacities up to 300kg

* Digital weighing / check weighing scales from 600g to 300kg

* High performance industrial platform scales with extensive software facilities including parts counting, percent weighing etc

* Pallet beams, platforms for pallet weighing

* Medical Scales

* Retail Scales

* Load cells for force measurement and process weighing applications

* Torque sensors both Static, rotary and torque benches

* Pressure sensors

* Potentiometer, displacement, angle, rotary and trimmers

* Bespoke design service for Load cells

Inscale Measurement Technology Ltd Overview