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Inseto is a leading technical distributor of equipment and related materials to the semiconductor, microelectronic & advanced technology sectors, as well as adhesives for electronics, automotive & industrial manufacturing.

Products are available from specialist divisions, including:

A comprehensive range of technical adhesives and sealants for the automotive, electronic and general manufacturing industries.

Provides fabrication, assembly and test equipment for research and production of semiconductor devices and related technologies

For assembly materials and machine consumable products used in electronic, semiconductor, photonic, RF and hybrid assembly.

Now Stocking Semiconductor Wafers

Following the acquisition of IDB Technologies, Inseto can now supply a wide range of Semiconductors wafers, with next day delivery, from an extensive UK stock, and many other wafers can be provided on short lead-times. The company also stocks and processes wafers including oxidised and nitride coating, patterned and diced wafers.

Products include:

Silicon Wafers (Si Wafers) from 25-300mmm (1-12”) in diameter, including Czochralski- (CZ) or Float-Zone (FZ) grown, P-Type or N-Type, etched, Single or Double Side Polished, in various resistivities, orientations and thicknesses.

We also provide Bonded SOI wafers, with commonly used device layer thicknesses of 1um to 100um and stock a large inventory of 100mm dia wafers, with specific requirements usually supplied within 3 weeks.

• Si Wafer sizes from 1” to 300mm in inventory
• Next day delivery
• SEMI std PRIME and non std thicknesses, single and double side polished
• No minimum order quantities
• Single wafer shipper/storage boxes available from stock
• Certificate of Conformance available for all wafer types
• Clean wafers storage and packing
• Coated Wafers 
• Wafer dicing available to any die size

Coated Semiconductor Wafers
A large percentage of wafers we ship are coated or processed in some way, services include:

• Thermally coated SiO2 Wafers from stock
• LPCVD coated Si3N4 Wafers from stock
• Customised coating thicknesses on rapid turnaround
• Coating of wafers with Au, Al, Pt Ni, Cr & Ti layers
• ALD coatings available
• Patterning of wafers with location grids

Silica Wafers
We stock an extensive range of glass and fused silica wafers including Borosilicate glass, alumino silicate glass and fused silica, including:

• Glass and fused silica wafers from 2” to 200mm dia from stock
• Polished to 20/10 MIL standard for the smoothest surfaces
• Edge rounded for safe secure handling
• Pre-cleaned wafers available
• No minimum order quantities
• Wafer dicing available to any die size

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Now Stocking Semiconductor Wafers

Inseto Equipment Division


Inseto's Equipment Division provides manufacturing, test and inspection equipment for the Electronic, Microelectronic, Photonic, Photovoltaic and Semiconductor industries etc., including lithography equipment for mask alignment, resist coating and development, semiconductor furnaces, wafer bonders, probing systems, dicing saws and diamond scribing machines, die bonders and sorters, inspection equipment, ultrasonic wire bonding machines, plasma cleaners and etching systems, vacuum solder reflow ovens, material testers for wire pull and shear testing etc.

Full technical support including process, operation and maintenance is provided, with extensively trained field personnel and information databases. Training either at Inseto's training facility or onsite, can be provided to maximise equipment productivity and optimise quality of results.

Download an overview of our equipment division here.

Inseto Equipment Division

Inseto Consumable Division


Inseto's Consumable Division provides assembly materials and machine consumables for the Semiconductor, Microelectronic, Electronic, Photonic, RF and Hybrid assembly industries etc.

Products & services include: semiconductor & silica wafers, sub-contract wafer bumping grinding & dicing, bonding wires & ribbons, plated wire & ribbons, precision stampings, solder spheres & preforms , hermetic glass & ceramic packages, thick film materials, metalised thin film substrates, thermal dissipation materials, welding electrodes & thermodes, plus bonding wedges, capillaries, die collets & dicing blades etc.include gold, aluminium, copper and silver bonding wires and bonding ribbons, precision metal stampings, solder preforms, hermetic glass & ceramic sealed packages, thick film materials (thick film inks), metallised thin film and precision machined ceramics, thermal dissipation materials, welding electrodes and thermodes and die / wire bond assembly consumables including wedges, capillaries and collets, dicing blades etc.

Download an overview of our consumable division here.

Inseto Consumable Division

Adhesive Division


Inseto's Adhesive Division provides technically advanced adhesives for bonding, sealing & encapsulation throughout the UK & Ireland.

Exclusively representing DELO Industrial Adhesives, our adhesive division has the technical expertise to advise on all your project requirements. Inseto's experienced specialists will help with product selection, lab testing, trials, qualifications and application methods.

Products include an extensive range of UV cured or light activated Epoxies, light cured Acrylates, light / heat cured Epoxies, dual curing materials, light / Anaerobic curing Adhesives, 2 part Polyurethanes, 1 & 2 part Epoxies, Cyanoacrylates and single part Silicones.

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Download an overview of our adhesive division here.


Adhesive Division

Adhesive Division - Light Activated Adhesives

We offer a comprehensive selection of light activated adhesives. DELO-PHOTOBOND is an acrylic adhesive for bonding sealing and coating. It is quickly UV/light cured making it perfect for a whole host of applications.

The acrylate materials of the DELO-PHOTOBOND are stress equalising and highly flexible. These photobonding, UV adhesives are perfect for glass bonding and sealing applications. They are also suitable for electronic applications requiring fast processing.

DELO-KATIOBOND are light activated adhesives that can be used in opaque applications, as once the adhesive has been initiated via visible light, curing starts due to the decomposition of the photo-initiator and continues to completion. The curing is by cationic polymerisation, hence the product name Katiobond. 

DELO-KATIOBOND UV curing (320-400nm) and light activated (400-550nm) epoxy adhesives are one part solvent free epoxies suitable for bonding, sealing and potting applications.

Adhesive Division - Light Activated Adhesives

Adhesive Division - UV Cured Adhesives

Our range of UV cured adhesives includes:


These UV cured adhesives can be used in a wide range of applications for bonding, sealing and coating. Full cure is achieved in seconds with viscosities ranging from from 100 to 30,000mPa.s. Some materials have USP VI approval for use in medical devices.

Adhesive Division - UV Cured Adhesives

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