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Our Adhesive Division supplied advanced adhesives for bonding, sealing and encapsulations. Our silicone adhesive sealants are used in a wide range of industries including microelectronic, automotive, mechanical engineering, plastic and glass processing.

With our silicone adhesive sealants, we are able meet the needs of the most demanding applications, including:

  • One-part RTV Silicone adhesives and sealants
  • One-part heat cured adhesives
  • One and two-part encapsulants and gels
  • Emulsions and antifoams
  • Silicone grease
  • Electronic cleaners
  • Conformal coatings

Light Activated Adhesives

We offers a comprehensive selection of light activated adhesives. DELO-PHOTOBOND is an acrylic adhesive for bonding sealing and coating. It is quickly UV/light cured making it perfect for a whole host of applications.

The acrylate materials of the DELO-PHOTOBOND are stress equalising and highly flexible. These photobonding, UV adhesives are perfect for glass bonding and sealing applications. They are also suitable for electronic applications requiring fast processing.

Light Activated Adhesives

UV Cured Adhesives

Our range of UV cured adhesives includes:


These UV cured adhesives can be used in a wide range of applications for bonding, sealing and coating. Full cure is achieved in seconds with viscosities ranging from from 100 to 30,000mPa.s. Some materials have USP VI approval for use in medical devices.

UV Cured Adhesives
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