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Inseto is a leading technical distributor of equipment and related materials to the semiconductor, microelectronic & advanced technology sectors, as well as adhesives for electronics, automotive & industrial manufacturing.

Products are available from specialist divisions, including:

A comprehensive range of technical adhesives and sealants for the automotive, electronic and general manufacturing industries.

Provides fabrication, assembly and test equipment for research and production of semiconductor devices and related technologies

For assembly materials and machine consumable products used in electronic, semiconductor, photonic, RF and hybrid assembly.

  1. Finding and Ordering Semiconductor Wafers Just Got Much Easier
    11 August 2020

    Inseto, a leading technical distributor of equipment and materials, has added an online store to its website. The store, which carries Inseto’s current inventory of semiconductor wafers, including silicon, silica, glass, coated and silicon on insulator (SOI), features secure online payment and rapid delivery of stocked wafers. Also, Inseto’s online inventory is soon to include sapphire, silicon on sapphire (SoS), lithium niobate, germanium and other materials.

    A powerful filtering tool enables users to narrow down their searches by specifying properties common to all wafers, such as diameter and thickness. Then, depending on wafer material, the properties become more specific. For example, silicon wafer properties include ingot growth method, crystallographic orientation, dopant, grade and upper and lower surface resistivity.

    The site also carries a Wafer Selection Guide. This is accessible from within the online store and from within Inseto’s Knowledge Base, a repository of freely available, viewable and downloadable articles and guides. Brown concludes. “At Inseto, we’re all about customer support. It’s in our DNA. Also, whilst the online store has greatly speeded the wafer selection and ordering process, our experts remain on hand to offer advice and guidance if anyone does have questions.”

    Matt Brown, Director of Inseto, comments: “We have ploughed the combined knowledge of our wafer and supply chain experts into our online store. In our experience, most customers know the exact specifications of the wafers they need, certainly in the case of repeat orders, or they wish to rapidly explore a range of properties and available options.”

    To order wafers onlineFor further information on these products please visit:

    Finding and Ordering Semiconductor Wafers Just Got Much Easier
  2. Now Stocking Semiconductor Wafers
    11 February 2018

    Andover, United Kingdom – Inseto, a leading technical distributor of equipment and materials to the microelectronic research and manufacturing sectors, has acquired IDB Technologies, a specialist supplier of semiconductor wafers and substrates. The two companies have worked closely together for several years and share many of the same customers, who now stand to benefit greatly from the combined resources and technical expertise.

    Matt Brown, Director, comments: “IDB Technologies worked primarily with universities in the UK and mainland Europe. Many spin-off companies have emerged from these universities and are now scaling for volume production, which is where Inseto can help.”

    IDB Technologies’ materials stock and service offerings have added to Inseto’s Consumables Division, which already represents 12 OEMs, including semiconductor assembly materials and machine consumable tooling.

    In addition, Ian Burnett, founder of IDB Technologies, has joined Inseto to provide support to customers. Burnett comments: “This is a win-win for all parties concerned, and especially our customers. Inseto is ISO 9001:2015 certified, has invested in an impressive storage and handling facility and has automated many of its processes to assure as fast a turnaround as possible on all orders.”

    Inseto can now supply a wide range of wafers, with next day delivery, from an extensive UK stock, and many other wafers can be provided on short lead-times. The company also processes wafers including oxidised and nitride coating, patterned and diced wafers.

    Matt Brown, a Director of Inseto, comments: “As users’ projects become more complex, and as they scale their manufacturing processes to serve their target markets, it is essential to have a streamlined supply chain plus the ability to call on technical expertise when it comes to specifying materials and equipment. Following our acquisition of IDB Technologies, and along with Ian coming on board, Inseto can help users commercialise their products by de-risking manufacturing aspects they are perhaps encountering for the first time.”

    Now Stocking Semiconductor Wafers

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