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We provide fully comprehensive insurance packages to the film, animation and commercial production industry.

We understand that in your industry you need a broker who is flexible and attentive to your needs.

Our policies are flexible enough so that you can pick and choose which covers you require and which you don't. We are flexible enough so that if you wish to amend cover at any time, it will be carried out that same day.

Advice is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week no matter where you are shooting.

Cover Available under our Producer’s Package:

  • Commercial/Film/Animation Producers Indemnity
  • Film Negative and Videotape
  • Cast and Crew Insurance (full non appearance cover if required)
  • Hired or Owned Equipment (including loss of use hire penalty)
  • Props, Models and Sets
  • Public Liability
  • Employers Liability
  • Office Contents

Commercial Insurance Specialists

Insight provide high quality commercial insurance policies to businesses large and small across the UK

Examples of the cover we can provide:

Our clients know that should the unthinkable happen, they have an insurance package second to none, backed up by a professional and attentive team of highly qualified advisors.

If you would like a fast, competitive quotation please contact us today.

Commercial Insurance Specialists

Business Insurance

All Businesses require some form of insurance, the type of cover required changes from one business to another.

Today there are so many events that can affect your business that you cannot possibly think of them all – That is where Insight comes in.

Our job is to ensure that you receive sufficient cover for all aspects of your business so in the event of a claim, you will be comprehensively covered.

Business Insurance

Liability Insurance

Your business needs Public Liability and Employers Liability. In fact if you are a limited company you are legally required to have Employers Liability Insurance.
Public Liability will protect you in the event that you cause injury to a third party or damage the property of a third party.

Employers Liability will protect you in the event that one of your employees is injured while at work.
If you produce a product you will also need Products Liability Insurance which will cover you in the event that your product injures a third party or damage to the property of a third party.

Liability Insurance

Professional Indemnity

The professional person must exercise whatever degree of care and skill is reasonably expected of any competent practitioner in that profession at that time. If a person provides advice or a service to another and carries that work out negligently, he or she can be held legally liable for the consequences.

Normally, such advice or services are provided under the terms of a contract. Liability can arise because there has been a breach of duty of care or a breach of contract.Cover usually starts at a limit of indemnity of £250,000
Professional Indemnity insurers

 Professional Indemnity will pay all reasonable costs incurred in the defence (i.e. legal fees) or settlement of such claims arising from the above.

You can also find us when searching on Google.

Professional Indemnity

Errors & Omissions Package

Should you also wish to hold or be required to hold Errors & Omissions, also known as Professional Indemnity Insurance this can also be arranged

Errors & Omissions Package
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