INSYS icom

Modem Router Switch (Moros)

Moros is an industrial router that makes it possible to access Ethernet devices or networks remotely.

It includes four main functions:

It includes four main functions:

  • It is a fully functioned internet router with NAT, Firewall, Open VPN (client and server), IP Sec, PPTP and message despatch via SMS and email.
  • Integrated 4+1 Ethernet switch additionally a serial-Ethernet gateway
  • A variety of connection methods including analogue and ISDN telephone line, ADSL broadband also cellular connection via GSM, GPRS and HSPA.
  • Integrated Linux sandbox in which users can develop their own programs e.g. data loggers, protocol converters and others.

All Moros variants are easily configured via a web interface.

Industrial Serial Modems

Remote Access to Serial Devices RS232, USB

  • Access over telephone; PSTN, Leased Line and ISDN also Cellular; GPRS, HSPA and WLAN
  • Digital I/O with alarm by text, fax or email
  • Ideal for PLC monitoring
  • GPRS with modem emulation
Industrial Serial Modems

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