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Intek Adhesives are the UK's leading independant manufacturers and distributors of  high temperature and chemical resistant RTV Silicone Sealants and Engineering Adhesives.

We have a wide range of industrial products for bonding, sealing, threadlocking and maintenance applications in engineering, military and electronics.

Intek have industrial sealants which are resistant to temperatures ( - 60 C to + 350 C ) and are unaffected by acids, alkalines, oil, steam or vibration.


Front line Adhesive Sealants

Flowable and fast cure  RTV silicone sealants:

  • Cyanoacrylates, structural adhesives and anaerobics
  • Thermally and electrically conductive adhesives
  • Fast curing potting compounds and silicone gels
  • UL, MOD and Mil Spec. approved  and conformity to FDA  for food area use

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Front line Adhesive Sealants

AG 300 Aluminium Silicone Sealant

AG 300 is a metallic silver colour food grade ( FDA ) RTV silicone sealant and adhesive designed to give a good colour match on stainless steel and aluminium joints especially where food contact is required.

AG 300 has excellent resistance to oils, chemicals & steam and retains it’s tough physical properties over a wide temperature range -55 to + 300o C and gives a fast curing high strength yet flexible bond to most engineering materials. AG 300 is effective in replacing spot welding even on stainless steel creating a sealed joint at the same time.


AG 300 Aluminium Silicone Sealant

XTS 320 High Temperature

High temperature sealant XTS 320 offers high temperature resistant bonding and sealing on most industrial materials including glass, metals, carbon fibre and silicone rubber. XTS 320 has a NATO stock classification NSN 6850-99-519-6905.

Industrial applications include:

  • Weatherproofing and insulating cable connectors & high voltage equipment
  • Oil, chemical and high temperature sealant / gasket maker
  • Sealing high temperature flues, ductwork and chimneys
  • Non corrosive heat resistant sealing on a aluminium and other metals
  • Weatheproofing and coating offshore and pipeline components



XTS 320 High Temperature

RTV 382 Non Corrosive Silicone Rubber Adhesive Sealant

RTV 382 is a non corrosive, neutral cure RTV silicone sealant with excellent adhesive properties. Use RTV 382 to bond, seal, fix in place and insulate electronic parts. Being a neutral cure product containing no acid there is little chance of corrosion to electrical / electronic components and will offer flexible, vibration resistant bonds for coils & PCB’s.

RTV 382 has NATO stock classification NSN 6850-99-519-6905 for a non corrosive silicone sealant in military applications and is flame retardant ( meets UL 94 HB ).

RTV 382 won’t crack or harden and retains it’s physical properies over a wide temperature range.


RTV 382 Non Corrosive Silicone Rubber Adhesive Sealant

To enhance our range we are also please to stock products from ACC Silicones and Threebond Adhesives

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