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We supply eye test vouchers heralding a new way of meeting your VDU eye care obligations. For the first time, you do not need to make any compromises in meeting your eye care requirements. Our eye test vouchers are the most important development in how you deal with your obligations since the Health and Safety Display Screen Regulations were brought in 1992.

You can get this for a nominal fee even when the employee needs glasses for VDU use. You provide your VDU user with an eye care voucher in order to get their eye test and glasses. All your employee has to do is to find the optician.

VDU Eye Tests

We provide VDU eye tests. By using VDU eye care vouchers from ICE you can ensure you need not make any compromise at all in meeting your VDU eye care obligations.

VDU eye tests include:

  • The widest choice of opticians for examinations and glasses
  • Simplicity of one voucher to cover all transactions
  • Only one optician visit required for increased convenience
  • Cost of glasses covered, where required solely and specifically for Display Screen Equipment use.
  • Additional discounts for all spectacle wearers available
  • None of the common hidden costs or surcharges
  • Complete cost management and budgeting
  • Unbeatable value
VDU Eye Tests

Eye Tests for Employees

You can now provide the best possible choice for their eye tests for employees. If you are regular user of VDU equipment, you are entitled to free eye tests and potentially equipment.

The eye tests for employees costs must be met by the employer and this is all taken into account with our VDU eye care voucher from us.

The voucher scheme for eye tests for employees includes:

  • Choosing to take your voucher to over 2,400 opticians on our list
  • If you are to get glasses you can choose from standard frames or upgrade if you choose
  • Take advantage of in-store offers
  • All voucher recipients benefit from £15 discount on purchases over £125
  • One simple visit to the optician
Eye Tests for Employees

Prescription Safety Glasses

We can also include prescription safety glasses in our service. Our safety vouchers will take care of your safety eye care obligations in one transaction.

As part of your prescription safety glasses service, you can choose from CR39 resin compound lenses that are lighter and more impact resistant than glass. You can also choose polycarbonate that is impact resistant and light and recommended in areas where high impact protection is required.

Prescription Safety Glasses

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