Intercaps Filling Systems Ltd

Intercaps Filling Systems offers a full range of new equipment for filling and packaging liquids including:

Complete Bottling Lines for Water, Soft drinks , Wines, Spirits, Beers.

Arol capping machines after sales service also on Zalkin Bertolaso Alcoa Kompass Capvit

Conpart labelling hot or cold glue , reel fed linear rotary or electronic

Eurostar monoblock filling machines, Rinsing-Filling-Capping.

PET bottle blow moulding

PET bottles air conveyors and unscramblers

Bottle Chain Conveyors, Accumulation Tables, Palletisers, Depalletisers.

The Filling Machines novelties will range from a small rinser-filler-crowner 9-9-1 configuration for bottled beer with double pre-evacuation of oxygen which has a lot of interest from small micro breweries. This project was designed for Danish micro breweries and has met with an enormous success in that Country where over 8 lines have been sold in the last two years.

Carbonators , mixers, pasteurising tunnels , flash pasteurisers.

Shrinkwrapping Machines for multi-packs of bottles

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Intercaps Filling Systems Ltd Overview