Interface Force Measurements Ltd

We are the specialist  load cell and torque transducer supplier. As the U.K. distributor for Interface Inc. load cells we have main years experience supplying the aerospace, automotive and motor sport industries as well as many other industry sectors.

Our product range includes single and multi axis load cells, S-beam, mini- beam and button load cells. We also supply reaction and rotary torque transducers as well as a complete range of signal amplifiers, digital displays and signal conditioning electronics.

All our products are backed by a pre and post sales support with is second to none. Custom force measurement applications are also a speciality; please contact our application engineers to discuss your requirements

XSensor Pressure Mapping Systems

XSensor’s pressure mapping systems are used by automotive and seating engineers, sports technologists, bed and mattress designers, universities and many other users for a very wide range of pressure mapping applications.
The very flexible sensors and feature packed system software offers users the ability to quickly collect data on the contact of any two surfaces, which makes XSensor’s systems suitable for many applications. These applications can include comfort testing, ingress/ egress testing, tyre profiling, ergonomics studies, body armour testing, wind screen wiper testing and many others.

For more information or to book an on-site demonstration, please do not hesitate to contact us

XSensor Pressure Mapping Systems

AMTI Multi Axis Transducers and Forceplates

AMTI multi axis force transducers and force plates are used by engineers and researchers all over the world to measure forces in three directions and their moments. The applications these sensors are used for even more varied than the range of devices; vehicle and materials testing, robotics, aerospace, manufacturing, research and marine are all typical.
This range of high accuracy 2 or 3 axis devices and 6-DOF sensors are complimented by AMTI’s range of multi channel data acquisition electronics and software. These “plug and play” devices feature smart features to ensure data collection is as swift and easy as possible.

AMTI Multi Axis Transducers and Forceplates

Interface Force and Torque Sensors

Interface Force sensors are internationally recognised as a brand with a wealth of experience behind them and a benchmark for thousands of users across the world.
Our products are recognized as amongst the  most highly accurate and reliable available . Our product lines are closely monitored and inspected and have to pass high quality checks before they are supplied to customers with all load cells and torque transducers supplied with individual NIST traceable calibration certificates as standard. We supply Interface force, torque and pressure sensor products to some of the major aerospace giants, most prestigious automotive manufacturers and to some of the world's most highly regarded universities.
We believe this speaks volumes Interface sensor products quality and commitment to delivering exceptional service and products that continue to change the market and provide outstanding solutions for projects around the world.

Interface Force Measurements Ltd Overview