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We manufacture a variety of high quality lubricants for outstanding use in industrial and food plant equipment maintenance. Our lubricants can help to greatly reduce maintenance costs and save power consumption.

Our lubricants are fortified with high performance additives in order to produce an ultra thin lubrication film for long lasting friction reduction.

High Performance Lubricant

Our high performance lubricants offer results far beyond traditional properties of mineral and synthetic oil based lubricants. Our high performance lubricants resist moisture, high and low temperatures and contaminants.

They provide these resistant properties without losing any slippery qualities and unlike traditional petrochemical lubricants our products are enhanced with specially insulated particles of polytetrafluoroethylene molecules.  

Food Grade Lubricant

We offer a range of ambitious packages of food grade lubricants, cleaners and greases certified for use by the Public Health and Safety Company.

Our food grade lubricants and all food-grade products meet the guidelines set down by the Food and Drug Association and comply with responsible use procedures currently in force in the food sector.  

Industrial Lubricants

Our extensive range of industrial lubricants offers dramatic savings on energy and fuel consumption so they help keep machines running longer and in better condition.

Machines using our industrial lubricants consume 15 percent less energy and up to 80 percent lower fuel consumption compared to traditional petrochemical lubricants, oils, and fats.

Environmental Friendly Lubrication

We know lubricants do not belong in the environment however machines do come into contact with nature and they still need lubricating. We produce and supply organic, environmentally friendly lubricants.

Environmentally friendly lubricants vary from conventional oils and our range of bio-eco products include lub, grease and dry rail coating.

Biodegradable Lubricants

Our biodegradable lubricants and cleaners offer yet another environmentally friendly alternative to conventional lubricants.

Biodegradable lubricants and all purpose cleaners are safe for use in food processes and are suited to a variety of industrial requirements.

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