Interflow UK Ltd

Interflow UK Ltd are the UK sales and distribution company for the following German engineered, high quality products:

  • AIRTEC - plasma technology air purification systems
  • BASIKA - drainage channels, floor & roof drains and grease separating systems 
  • DOYMA - sealing systems for pipes and cables
  • HIDRIA GIF - kitchen ventilated ceilings


Airtec manufacture air purification and de-greasing systems for leisure venues, catering and industrial processing operations.  plasmaNorm® technology has been tested and found to be highly reliable in the catering and food industry. Capital investment, running and maintenance costs are low, with no servicing or replacement of expensive filters, while the pre-filter can be washed in the laundry washing machine. Even better - the recirculating air system saves heating costs that quickly mount up with an extraction system.


airtec: aereus® ceiling mounted air purifier

airtec: aereus® high efficiency recirculating air cleaner for removal of smells and offensive odours; reduces energy costs, sterilises the air and removes germs.

  • wholesome and healthy room climate
  • fresh air
  • guaranteed freedom from repugnant odours inc stale beer & cooking
  • no more lingering smells in clothes and hair
  • optimised protection from germs and harmful substances
  • highest energy efficiency rating
airtec: aereus® ceiling mounted air purifier

airtec: aereus arco® energy saving portable air purifier

airtec: aereus arco® an energy saving portable air purifier for effective ventilation of internal spaces, elimination of smoke and smells, reduces heating costs and sterilises and sanitises the air you breathe. Using the patented plasmaNorm® technology the aereus® arco is used in care homes, schools, hospitals, domestic and commercial properties and venues which are contaminated by pollutants such as smoke smells, bacteria, viruses in homes, offices, waiting rooms, lavatories and small restaurants.

aereus® arco clears the air of fine particulate including smoke, and completely eliminates bacteria, viruses and a broad spectrum of molecular odours.

  • Comfortable room atmosphere
  • Healthy clean air to breathe
  • Guaranteed odour freed
  • Optimum safety against bacteria and air-borne pollutants
  • Maximum energy efficiency
airtec: aereus arco® energy saving portable air purifier

airtec: cycloStream® energy efficient extractor hoods

airtec: cycloStream® stainless steel extractor hoods:
Energy-efficient, quiet, hygienic, smooth surfaces, wide cleaning access, optional self-cleaning.

cycloStream® extractor hoods are exceptional for their simple (and if required very flat) construction, hygienic smooth surfaces and integrated lighting. They do not use filters. The airflow is channelled at high speed to separate out condensation and particles and deposit them inside the hood.

airtec: cycloStream® energy efficient extractor hoods


Doyma: With more than 30 years experience, Doyma guarantees durable safety and innovative technology in sealing duct systems. Close contact to our partners as well as an open mind to the problems of the market are our strengths. Innovative product developments, target orientated follow up of projects, a qualified and strong team of in-house consultants in the sales department and in field sales are just a few of the services we offer.

  • Highest quality standards
  • Reliable advice
  • Individual product solutions
  • 25-year guarantee
  • Fast delivery service

Doyma: Preventing Structural Damage

Doyma are the sealing systems specialists for pipes, cables and ducts running through walls, ceilings and floors.
Pipes and cables are used to supply industrial plants, along with commercial and residential buildings. All too often the focus of attention is restricted to the function of the water, gas, electricity or data supply. Little attention is given to the sealing and housing of pipes and cables passing through walls and ceilings until it is too late and structural damage has already occurred.

Doyma offers top quality, tried and tested ducting systems which ensure lasting protection against gas and water penetration and insulation against noise and fire. Doyma therefore provides excellent preventative measures against structural damage.

Doyma: Preventing Structural Damage

Doyma: Curaflex® sleeves

 Curaflex® sleeves, whether manufactured from special fibre cement or from steel, are an important element of the proven Doyma system for pipe and cable penetrations through buildings. The sleeves are manufactured, in accordance with the numerous constructional requirements, from special fibrous cement and/or steel for the commonly encountered conditions of pressing and non-pressing water and ground moisture.

  • Curaflex® 3000: Sleeve with grooved outer face
  • Curaflex® 3000/T: Longitudinally split sleeve for retro fitting around existing services, bonded on site using Curaflex 3000. 
  • Curaflex®  3001: Sleeve with additional flange suitable for structures with thick bitumen renders in non-pressing water conditions
  • Curaflex® 4000: Sleeve with bonded cast iron fixed flange 
  • Curaflex® 5000: Steel sleeve with continuously welded fixed flange. Used in conjunction with a loose flange together with gaskets, for sealing penetrations through buildings with tanking membranes against non-pressing water and ground moisture. 
  • Curaflex® 6000: Steel sleeve with continuously welded fixed flange. Used in conjunction with a loose flange together with gaskets, for sealing penetrations through buildings with tanking membranes against pressing water. 
  • Curaflex® 7000: Sealing on the face of the structure with a fixed flange. Used in conjunction with a loose flange together with gaskets, for sealing penetrations through buildings with tanking membranes against non-pressing water and ground moisture (7005) and against pressing water (7006). 
  • Curaflex® 8000: Sealing on the face of the structure with a fixed flange. Suitable for both pressing and non-pressing water. 
  • Curaflex® 9000: Steel sleeve with continuously welded puddle flange. Suitable for both non-pressing water and ground moisture and pressing water 
Doyma: Curaflex® sleeves

Doyma: Curaflex® gasket inserts

Curaflex® gasket inserts: Doyma develops and produces gasket inserts for sealing penetrations through walls, ceilings and floors for the widest variety of situations. The spectrum of applications for gasket inserts encompasses structural and civil engineering, especially water lines, heating and district heating. Other applications include, for example, service ducts in swimming pools, bund and tank installations, gas pipes and civil defence shelters. Further uses occur in manholes, sewage works and in constructions with or without tanking membranes and thick coating renders. The Curaflex® gasket inserts fulfil the following construction engineering requirements

  • Sealing against pressing and non-pressing water. 
  • Gasket inserts for sleeves as well as core bores. 
  • Split versions for retrofit installations. 
  • Angular deviations up to 8°
  • Fire protection: With intumescent systems tested and approved to DIN 4102 of the Building Regulations, fire compartments can be penetrated with confidence. 
  • Explosion protection. 
  • Doyma gasket inserts are also gas tight in their function. 
Doyma: Curaflex® gasket inserts

Doyma: Curaline® cable penetration systems

The Curaline® cable penetration systems BKD and KD are quick and straightforward gas and pressing watertight ducts for cables and cable ducts. All cable diameters are simply and flexibly sealed. Rounded edges of system components ensure cable insulation is not damaged when cables are pulled through. Curaline® cable penetration systems comprise watertight sleeves and a variety of cable adaptors. Heat-shrink shrouds with heat sensitised adhesive provide the pressure seal between the adaptor spigot and the cable.

Doyma: Curaline® cable penetration systems

Doyma Curaline® leakproof sleeves

Doyma Curaline® leakproof sleeves are installed single or double ended, either individually or alongside each other as a battery. By the innovative combination of an expanding seal system and a flanged sleeve, the system ensures a secure bond in the concrete. Both the BKD and KD systems are delivered to site in the correct length to suit the structure thickness.

Doyma Curaline® leakproof sleeves

Doyma Curaline® cable adaptors

Doyma Curaline® cable adaptors offer versatile solutions for sealing cables and cable ducts. The BKD cable adaptor, with its bayonet lock system, offers even quicker and easier installation. The KD system cable adaptor has a screw-thread slip ring and offers the same properties as the BKD system. Cable adaptors allow cables of various diameters to be ducted. Heat shrink shrouds are supplied as standard; shrouds using cold shrink technology are optionally available.

Doyma Curaline® cable adaptors


Hidria-GIF’s unique demountable ventilated ceilings, using our patented cassettes, guarantee an hygienic, temperate atmosphere in all types of commercial kitchen.

Knowledge and experience gained over more than 20 years, of the difficulties confronting designers and catering staff serve as a mentor to GIF’s growing team of specialist engineers and technicians who, daily, develop solutions to the problems individually posed by each installation.


Hidria-GIF: demountable ventilated ceiling

GIF ventilated ceilings operate as overall surface supply and extract fields. The individual cassettes separate fat and condensate by harnessing the physical phenomena of moment of inertia and condensation. The 3-phase separation chambers are so constructed that dirt, fat and other suspended particles settle on the inner faces of the small registers. By using standardised, removable cassettes, access to all services passing through the plenum is straightforward.

The Hidria-GIF Restaurant system provides concentrated extraction and compromises heavy duty cassettes, blank tiles and fat collection channel within a dropped frame. It is specifically designed for those particularly intensive kitchens with extremely high fat and steam vapours encountered in the preparation of haut cuisine menus.
Advantages include:

  • Concentrated extraction above vapour intensive equipment
  • Extended cleaning intervals
  • Simple installation and removal of cassettes
  • Optimum hygiene and durability of stainless steel
Hidria-GIF: demountable ventilated ceiling

Hidria-GIF: UV-C(lean)

The UV-C(lean) system that eliminates organic fat and grease particles in the kitchen exhaust air by means of UV-C light.

Oils and fats are carbon-hydrogen compounds whose individual molecules are made up of several carbon atoms; these are simple or complicated compounds that are attached to each other.

  1. By exposing greasy surfaces to intensive UV-C rays, a part of the energy from the UV-C light is absorbed by the fat and grease particles. Through this the molecules in the fat are put in a state of energetic movement which, in turn, makes an oxidation of the molecules substantially easier.
  2. At the same time, due to the influence of the UV-C rays on the oxygen molecules in the air, Ozone, whose oxidation capabilities is much greater than that of normal oxygen molecules, is created. 

These two processes cause an immediate oxidation of the fat molecules (a so called cold combustion). The resulting products of the oxidation are short-wave gaseous organic compounds (e.g. carbon dioxide), which are then conveyed to atmosphere by the extract air stream.

The GIF UV-C(lean) system is fitted with a new generation of UV-C lamps, having a higher output and energy, thereby giving greater efficiency within the same space.
UV-C(lean) systems work without the usual loss of efficiency, when operating in areas of raised temperatures. This means that the systems installed in extract canopies and GIF –Restaurant systems above grills and fryers function more efficiently and durably.


Hidria-GIF: flat system ceiling

The Hidria-GIF-Flat-system ceiling is a closed system for use in large and industrial kitchens when using low air charge rates.


  • Use of large ceiling components
  • Integrated luminare and ventilation elements
  • Installed so manual cleaning can be carried out on site
  • PVDF covering keeps the ceiling elements looking new
  • Material AIMgSi 0.5
  • Functional technology for the kitchen professional
Hidria-GIF: flat system ceiling

Hidria-GIF: Jet Stream extractor

The elegant and decorative Jet Stream extractor is a superb solution for restaurants with theatre cooking displays. Instead of a hood, a glass plate with a stainless steel extraction pipe is installed at chest height directly above the woks and grills to ensure direct and immediate extraction of the polluted air.

The advantages

  • Optimal extraction with capture efficiency greater than 95%
  • High velocity extraction eliminates cross-venting
  • Virtually no pol luted air or sme lls spread to guest areas
  • Easily accessible filters facilitate optimal servicing
  • Fire suppression can be integrated and luminaires incorporated
  • As an optional extra, the Jet stream extractor can be fitted with a self-cleaning system that automatically rinses the aerosol separators, thus eliminating the need for manual cleaning
  • Can be supplied as single, double or triple pipe systems
Hidria-GIF: Jet Stream extractor

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