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Used as a technique for shaping flat plastic into a 3D form, thermoplastic vacuum forming involves heating the plastic sheet until flexible before withdrawing air between the heated sheet and mould.

Thermoplastic vacuum forming is well-suited for medium runs of production and comes with the following benefits:

  • Reduced tooling charges
  • Significantly reduced machine time and material costs
  • Wider material choice

Interform Marine

As the UKs most experienced manufacturer and distributor of marine instrument housings, at Interform Marine we can provide an excellent range of MarinePods. A simple, robust and quality solution for essential electrical equipment protection, our MarinePods come with the following features:

  • Produced in UV resistant white acrylic capped ABS
  • Sealed with our unique and proven sealing system
  • Secured with strong fixings with spacers to prevent over-tightening
  • Suited to both newly built and refitted boats
Interform Marine

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