International Manufacturing Solutions Ltd

With its markets clearly defined as the top end of turning and grinding, IMS’s next step was to identify products that could give it a competitive edge based on real technological advantages that could be spelt out in precise detail rather than vague unsubstantiated claims.

CNC Turning

Here at international Manufacturing Solutions Ltd we use the Unamuno range of machines for our CNC Turning that can have three different max bar sizes available; the 42, 52 and 65mm in diameter. With a number of different configurations that are constructed from a modular range of slides, powered spindles and turrets. Some of the technological features that make this outstanding range include:

  • Multi-axis control
  • Two spindles
  • Fast tool change
  • Number of tools
  • Differential-drilling
  • Polygon turning
CNC Turning

CNC Grinders

With having the GER range of CNC grinding machines we are able to have five different configurations, consisting of:  internal and external cylindrical grinding, surface grinders, rotary table and vertical grinders. With the ability to modify 70% of our machines, or having to use special equipment, this means that we can maximise production including larger sizes (the maximum table travel is 6000mm). Our vertical grinders can handle up to 1800mm diameter and 750mm in length components. Our head changer means that it can cater for different sizes and types of grinding wheels.

International Manufacturing Solutions Ltd Overview