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All types of of fittings, hose, hose couplings, adapters, camlock, Avery Hardoll, standpipes and hose clamp products. Intrico Products Ltd stock all items in our catalogue and, in addition, can offer many special and 'one off' items not shown. With years of experience in the UK, European, Middle East and American markets, we are confident that we can supply exactly what you require, first time, every time.

'Avery Hardoll'

Intrico Products is a supplier and stockist of 'Avery Hardoll', the original and best dry break couplings, known worldwide due to their solid reputation for safety and reliability.

Dry break couplings are widely used for food, pharmaceutical products, chemicals, for fuels and oils, indeed, for any hazardous or critical fluid transfer application

We offer a full range of 'Avery Hardoll' dry break couplings, both tank and hose units are supplied as well as a range of spares and seal kits.

Dry Break Couplings From Mann-Tek

Intrico are an authorised distributor and stockist of the full Mann-Tek range. The product range provides reliable and cost effective solutions.

Mann-Tek Dry Break couplings provide a safe, secure and spill-free method of handling fluids and gases. The couplings are available with BSP and NPT in threads in sizes 1/2" to 8". Other threads are available on request (S60X6, Acme etc.). The tank units and hose units are also available in flanged connections. Materials for Mann-Tek Dry Break couplings include Aluminium, Brass/Gunmetal, Stainless Steel, Hastelloy C and PEEK. Seals materials include FPM (Viton®), EPDM, Chemraz®, Kalrez®, NBR (Nitrile). Other materials are available on request.

'Mann-Tek' dry disconnect couplings are used when a clean, safe and spill free handling of liquids, chemicals, petroleum and gases is required.

ISO 45 Dry Aviation Couplings are designed for use in aviation and military refuelling systems with a maximum working pressure of 10 bar (150 psi). Mann-Tek ISO 45 Dry Aviation Couplings are not configured for under wing refuelling.

The Full Flow Ball Valves are specially designed for handling different types of fuels such as diesel, gasoline, Jet fuel etc. in tank trucks. Mann-Tek Ball Valves in Aluminium offer weight saving benefits to the road tanker industry and they are also used in different types of fixed plant and mobile fuelling applications.

Available in 2" to 4" sizes Mann-Tek Ball Valves are available with pneumatic actuation.

Swivel Joints are used in the industry wherever a movable pipe-connection system between two equipment parts is needed. Torque stress is the largest single cause of PTFE and Stainless steel convoluted hose failure. Mann-Tek swivel joints are designed for slow rotary motions and with an appropriate combination of swivel joints nearly all movements from the simple rotation up to motional actions in space can be realised.

Breakaway Couplings

'Breakaway' dry break couplings are used to provide safety in situations where the hose can be placed under tension, leading to failure. Examples of Breakaway applications range from road and rail tanker loading and unloading to ship and aeroplane refuelling. The 'Breakaway' coupling, fitted with self sealing valves, is designed to fail before all other parts of the installation providing essential safety for people, plant and the environment.

Intrico Products - a supplier and stockist of 'Breakaway' dry break couplings from 3/4'' to 8nb.


Intrico Products is a supplier and stockist of both Hot and Cold Water Guns.

Voluspray, Nito and Gilmour water nozzles are suitable for a wide range of washdown applications from domestic gardens to hygienic and pharmaceutical environments. All our Dinga, Nito and Gilmour water guns have insulated handles and triggers, variable spray patterns and many are rubber covered for impact resistance.


Intrico Products is a supplier and stockist of Camlock or 'Cam and Groove' couplings in all sizes from 1/2'' to 12''.

'Camlock' couplings are simple, reliable and versatile, which is probably why 'Camlock' couplings are the most widely used industrial quick couplings available today. Our 'Camlock' couplings are interchangeable with others manufactured to MIL-C-27487F. We can also offer 'Camlock' couplings with a wide range of safety and special features, such as locking arms. We can fabricate or offer any 'Camlock' adapter which may be required and we offer a full range of 'Camlock' seals and spares.


Intrico Products is a supplier and stockist of 'Storz' hose couplings and 'Storz' fittings to suit pipework from 1/2" to 10"nb.

Storz couplings are widely used in the fire industry and water related applications. Storz couplings are also the standard in bulk powder systems and tankers.

Storz are available in Cast Aluminium, Forged Aluminium, Brass and Stainless Steel. Storz couplings have no male or female halves. Storz are specified by the distance between the locking lugs (the 'Ka' dimension) in millimetres, along with the pipe or hose side termination e.g. male thread.

All Storz couplings with the same 'Ka' dimension can be connected together, regardless of material, end termination type or size. For example, an Aluminium Storz of 66mm 'Ka' with 1-1/2" male thread will connect to a Brass Storz of 66mm 'Ka' with 2-1/2" female thread.

Intrico can supply Storz in sizes to suit 1/2"nb to 10"nb. Our Storz couplings are manufactured with dimensions in accordance to DIN Standards and will therefore connect with other Storz couplings made to the same standard.

The Storz coupling system is also available for layflat hose, with locking head and with a multitude of fire nozzles, standpipes and other specialist fire equipment.

'Whipcheck' Safety Cables

Intrico Products are suppliers and products of 'Whipcheck' Safety Cable.

'Whipcheck' Safety Cables have been used for many years on air compressor hoses to prevent hose ends from 'whipping' if the coupling blows out of the hose.

'Whipcheck' are now available in a variety of different styles including S/S and copper ferrules in the standard 'hose to hose' type along with 'hose to tool' for use at the hose ends.
We can also supply large 'Whipcheck' for 4", 6" and 8"nb hose.

DIN Standard Couplings and Clamps

Intrico Products is a supplier and stockist of DIN Standard Couplings and Clamps.

A 'family' of products, all of which are manufactured to DIN Standards and many of which can be combined to provide technically superb solutions. DIN Standard couplings and Clamps provide a unified system of hose end fittings, specifically designed to be used together, unlike traditional couplings and clamps. Due to this unique design philosophy, the DIN 2817 system is rated to 25 Bar working pressure for all sizes and materials, assuming that they are correctly fitted and installed.


'Crimper' Crimp Ferrules

Intrico Products is a supplier and stockist of 'Crimper' Crimp Ferrules.

Also known as Hayden Nilos or Nilos rings and traditionally used as the clamping ferrules on 'first aid' fire hose and now used for air, water, gases and refrigerant hoses, Brass 'Crimper' Ferrules offer any one with a hydraulic swage machine the ability to quickly mass produce low pressure industrial hose assemblies using any member of staff who can use the swaging machine.
The Stainless Steel 'Crimper' Ferrules offer the addition benefit of hygienic status and higher working pressures.
For those who do not have a swaging machine, the 'Crimper' Compression Tool is the answer. Fast and easy to use, Dies are available to suit all ferrule sizes.

'Geka' fittings

Intrico Products are suppliers and stockists for 'Geka' type fittings for water.

'Geka' are available in 3/8"nb to 1-1/2"nb and interchange with Renus and Velox. These water couplings are used in a wide range of water related applications and activities such as gulley emptiers, sewage systems, fertiliser spraying and general water pumping.

Hose Clamps

Intrico Products is a supplier and stockist of a large number of Hose Clips and Clamps.

Available in a bewildering number of different shapes, materials, sizes and types,  Intrico already supply some of the most versatile and economic available in the 'Band-Strap' and 'Punch-Lok'® types. Unfortunately, they are not suitable for every occasion.
'Euro-Seal' Worm Drive Clamps, are the standard multi purpose, 'Jubilee' type clamp. 'Tiger' Spiral Clamps are the answer for convoluted and/or spiral helix re-inforced, rubber or plastic hoses, whilst the range of 'Mikalor' Super Clamps provide general purpose solutions in Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel and a mixture of both materials. Use 'Quick-Band' Clamps when speed of assembly or large diameters make standard Worm Drive Clamps unsuitable. Also for use when standard Worm Drive are not suitable, 'Hi-Torque' Clamps provide a little extra grip when you need it. 'Ear' Clamps are perfect for low pressure applications, whilst 'Finger' Clamps provide more security than standard double bolt clamps, particularly on compressed air hose. Specifically designed for use with hydraulic type swaging machines, our 'Textile Ferrules' are for use with industrial type hoses which are re-inforced with textile braid rather than wire.


Intrico Products is a supplier and stockist of a large number of Hosereels.

The Hosereels we supply have many unique features and over 40 different specifications; the 'Recoila Gen3' family is the first choice for most applications. Combining the strength of steel and the light weight of composites, the 'Reeltek' hosereels offer a unique solution. The 'K' Series' provides a lightweight solution in steel hose reels. The '7000' Series are general purpose air, water, oil and grease hose reels. A massive new range of 'Powder Coated' Steel Hose Reels for 1/4" to 1"nb hose up to 50mtrs in length is also offered. Use the 'Stainless' Hose Reels in food processing, pre-rinse, wash down, chemical transfer and industrial solvent handling. If your budget can't stretch to a fancy new hosereel - our stainless steel hoserack might provide the answer!

IBC Coupling & Adapter

Intrico Products is a supplier and stockist of all common 'IBC' Couplings & Adapters.

Intermediate Bulk Containers are are available in many varieties, but all use the standard IBC 'buttress' thread system. 'IBC' couplings are available in many different configurations, developed over many years, to meet the customers exact specification.
Our IBC Cam and Groove couplings are interchangeable with standard Camlock.

'Instantaneous' BS336 Fire Hose Couplings

Intrico Products is a supplier and stockist of Fire Hose and Fire Couplings.

BS336 'Instantaneous' fire hose couplings are the standard low pressure fire hose fitting for UK fire brigades. BS336 'Instantaneous' fire couplings are also used by utility company's and contractors who obtain water from mains hydrants.

BS336 'Instantaneous' adapters, Branch pipes, fire hose and fire hose assemblies, standpipes and international shore connections are all available.

Stainless Steel 150lb Bsp Fittings

Intrico Products is a supplier and stockist of Stainless Steel 316 150lb fittings.

Manufactured in Stainless Steel grade 316 and suitable for working pressures up to 150 psig, these high quality fittings are available in a multitude of different configurations, to suit every installation. Standard Bsp threads ensure interchangeability.
If you do not see what you need, it is quite probable that we can supply in the form of a fabrication.
3K and 10K rated fittings are also available.


Intrico Products is a supplier and stockist of 'Band-Strap'.

Widely used as hose clamps and sign fixings, with poles and cables, the 'Band-Strap' range consists of a series of different bands, buckles, clips and brackets which can be used in agriculture, communications, construction, energy generation and distribution, defence, transportation and the utilities.

Used as a security device, 'Band-Strap' can used for cabinets, doors and gates, cable and hose reels, as well as around almost any shape and for diameters of up to 9 metres.

'Band-Strap' Sign Mounting Brackets are available in wide range of patterns. The Brackets are threaded and need no nuts. The bolts, with their washer, screw securely into the bracket to solidly fix the sign in place.

'Unicone' Clamps and Couplings

Intrico Products is a supplier and stockist of 'Unicone' Clamps and Couplings.

'Unicone' is a simple, tried and tested system. The 'Unicone' fittings have been a standard for the road tanker industry for many years. The 'Unicone' system consists two conical couplings joined by a heavy duty clamp and rubber seal. S/S 'Unicone' are also available.

URT Fittings

Intrico Products are suppliers and stockists of URT Fittings.

URT fittings are available in Aluminium and Polypropylene as standard but also in Gunmetal and S/S. Our URT couplings are light and fast to use. Our URT fittings are easy even when wearing protective clothing.

Hose and Thread Adapters

Adapters in sizes from 1" to 8" including many jump sizes. 'Cheetah' adapters will sort out your problems - fast!

'Camlock' Adapters are simple, reliable and versatile. We supply Aluminium 'Camlock' and Spool Adaptors in multiple sizes. Also available in Stainless Steel.

Available in sizes from 1" to 8" including many jump sizes. 'Cheetah' adapters will sort out your problems - fast! They are available in Aluminium and Gunmetal from stock, in the 'Cheetah' range with Bsp parallel, lugged type, as standard. Stainless Steel adaptors are also available to order.

'Cheetah' Adapters are also available in a variety of other types and combinations, we are able to fabricate almost any adaptor, so please contact our sales department with your requirements.

All standard items are cast in heavy duty, high quality materials and are ideally suited for use with road tankers and other arduous application. They are available in a range of material types, sizes and threads.

'Cheetah' Flanged Adapters are available in a variety of material and in many different size & thread combinations. These adaptors can be fabricated to suit your specific requirements.

We supply a full range of S/S 150lb Hex Male Nipples, S/S 150lb Hex Reducing Nipples and S/S 150lb Hex Male Bush fittings for air, water, chemical and pharmaceutical use, among other applications.



Standpipes enable users to access water from hydrants, in the street and on building sites. We supply Standpipes for fire fighting and Standpipes for contractors.

Click Here for more information on Standpipes

Heavy Duty Spray Nozzle

The 'Heavy Duty' Spray Nozzle is designed for parlor washing down but is equally effective in abattoirs and industrial areas where rapid cleaning is required.

Particularly well-suited for use with high-volume pumps for rapid washdown of soiled areas, the 'Heavy Duty' Spray Nozzle offers continuously-adjustable spray settings, from a focused 11mm cutting jet to a wide soaking cone.

With its strong construction and coloured plastic coating for protection against hard surfaces, the 'Heavy Duty' Spray Nozzle is the most versatile and practical product for this purpose in the marketplace today.

'Heavy Duty' Water gun

The Blue 'Heavy Duty Water Gun' has the following features:-

  • Heavy duty cast Brass body
  • All 'O'-Rings and covers in EPDM
  • Insulated molded grip for spraying hot or cold water
  • Trigger and operating mechanism in S/S
  • Trigger rubber covered to protect hands from heat
  • Handle has rubber collar at the top to protect hands from heat
  • Maximum working pressure 24 Bar (350 psi)
  • Maximum working temperature 95OC
  • Hold-open clip for continuous spraying
  • Weight approx 970 grams
  • Water jet adjustable from a cone to a jet
  • Clear arrow to show water beam direction

Visit our website for more information on the types available.

Agri-Lok Bauer Couplings

'Agri-Lok' Bauer fittings are interchangeable with Bauer fittings of all makes. Available in 2" to 12"nb.
Bauer water pump couplings are used in a wide range of water related applications and activities such as gulley emptiers, sewage systems, fertiliser spraying and general water pumps.
All Bauer fittings are available from Intrico. Please call our sales office for any Bauer fittings not seen below.

Layflat Fire Hose

All Intrico layflat fire hose is manufactured to BS6391 and is MED (Ships Wheel) approved. The Type 3 ‘Nova’ hose is also Lloyd’s Registered. All types are manufacture under an ISO 9001 Quality Management System which ensures a continuity of quality production as all times.

Intrico layflat fire hose is available in set colours of red, blue or yellow and in a variety of lengths and diameters to suit every application. The range includes Starflex Type 1 uncoated hose, Starflex Type 2 coated hose, Nova Type 3 hose, Starflex Type 2 drinking water hose and the Starflex Type 1 Competition & Training hose.

Optional extras include M.E.D (Ships Wheel) stencilled for marine use.

A full range of British and International Fire Hose coupling fittings are available in both light alloy for fresh water and gunmetal / brass for marine use.

Jet and Sparay Nozzles

'Jet/Spray' Nozzles, also known as Branchpipes.
Water delivery on Jet/Spray Nozzles can be varied from a spray to a jet. Jet/Spray Nozzles can be supplied with all major fire couplings, including BS336 Instantaneous.

International Shore Connection

International Shore Connection

All marine terminals and berths with a firewater system should have at least one international shore fire connection, complete with nuts and bolts, through which water could be supplied to a tanker's fire main if required for shipboard fire-fighting.

Manufactured in LG2 'Gunmetal' and therefore suitable for salt and fresh water applications, our 'International Shore Connections' are available with male Bspp threads to which we can add all standard fire hose couplings.

'Nito' Couplings and Water Guns

'Nito' water guns are ideal for heavy duty use. 'Nito' couplings and plugs are used for quick and safe hose connections in house, garden, industry and trade.

'Nito' products are ideal for use in conjunction with our range of waterguns and hosereels.

'Trench Pump' or 'Cap and Liner' fittings

'Trench Pump', also known as lug type or cap and liner couplings, are a simple Bspp male and female threaded coupling and are widely used in hose applications. They are available in several different materials and in sizes from 1/2" to 4".


Intrico are able to supply a complete range of valves in all sizes, material and types. The valves shown are available next day.

Available in a wide range of material, pressures, end connection, size and types; valves are an indispensable part of any pipe work system.

Intrico can supply any type of valve, including actuated on an enquiry basis.

The standard 'BBV' Brass Ball Valve range, 'SSBV' Stainless Steel Ball Valves, 'GV' Brass Gate Valves and the 'BKH' High Pressure Ball Valves are all available on a next day basis.

Both our 'Safety Relief Valves' and the 'Valve Tags' are critical parts of any safe pipe work system.

Breakaway Couplings

Breakaway Couplings

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