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Introland have developed into one of the UK's market leaders for the provision, repair and servicing of suspended access and safety restraint equipment.

Introland has the benefit of being recognized as a 'one -stop' company for all safe access solutions.

The current board of Directors have over 100 years of combined experience in the industry and safety awareness in the workplace is our prime objective. This vast experience and our professional approach has advanced our reputation for working closely with our customers to provide stylish solutions, integrated and customised into any architectural design.

Introland have grown rapidly in recent years, due to our commitment to quality and reliability. We now cover the whole of the UK, managing projects from Inverness to Truro. Introland operate Quality Assurance procedures as required by BS EN ISO 9001 and have a regulated training and safety programme which includes day release apprenticeship schemes for new employees.

The recent introduction of our SAFETiNET 24 hour online site documentation database has sparked enormous interest from busy facilities managers who can now go online anytime to download important test documentation, reports and site specific safety critical information as required in accordance with the Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations (LOLER) 98. This is a unique service which again underlines Introland's leadership in driving safety standards upwards.

Suspended Access Cradle Equipment

Introland offer a wide variety of Suspended Access Systems all offering excellent reliability and advanced technology coupled with sophisticated appearance, to give perfect balance between design and operation. Much of the equipment installed by Introland is designed and manufactured at our factory in Erith, but we are also UK agents for OTTE Fassadenaufzuge based in Spenge, Germany who are Europes premier suppliers of Building maintenance Units. Our partnership with OTTE has been developed over the last 15 years and enables us to offer enormous flexibility in the design of specialist equipment to tackle unique access problems.

Access cradles can be suspended from a variety of bespoke equipment, including roof mounted davit jibs, monorails, gantries and trolley units. Where roof mounted equipment is not possible, we offer a variety of other solutions including face and soffit mounted equipment.

All installations undergo design stage risk assessments and are audited to ensure compliance with the essential health and safety requirements detailed in the current EEC directives, we also ensure that all systems can be adequately maintained and thoroughly inspected in accordance with the requirements of the Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998.

Suspended Access Cradle Equipment

Travsafe Fall Restraint Wire Systems

The 'Travsafe' horizontal lifeline system installed by Introland offers a highly refined, fall restraint alternative where a permanent barrier cannot be fitted.

'Travsafe' is a patented lifeline system with two stainless steel wire ropes, along which a traveller unit slides and can be installed over virtually unlimited distances.

The wire ropes are fitted to the building structure by supporting brackets spaced at appropriate distances. The traveller unit slides over the support brackets uninterrupted, allowing the user to work hands free whilst remaining restrained at all times.

Due to its unique design, the 'Travsafe' horizontal lifeline can accept upto 3 users on any one system.

This product can now be installed to Standing Seam type sheet roofing panals.

The personal continuous lifeline system
Freedom of movement

  • The traveller moves freely along the ropes and passes effortlessly over the brackets.
  • The traveller passes easily around corners.
  • The traveller can be removed from the end of the lifeline and used on more than one system.

 Corrosion resistant

  • The traveller is made of stainless steel and is maintenance free.
  • Stainless steel wire ropes are used for external applications. Galvanised ropes wire ropes for interior installations.
  • High strength aluminium anchorage brackets fixed with steel bolts or clamps.

 TRAVSAFE is designed and manufactured in accordance with the European Standard EN 795

Travsafe Fall Restraint Wire Systems

Edge Protection Handrail System

The first consideration when assessing protection against falls from a height, should be a permanently installed barrier. Introland can install permanently fixed and free standing systems.

Static Access Ladders and Walkways

Introlands product range now includes the design, manufacture and installation of purpose made static ladders and walkway systems for safe access to remote areas.

Safety Harness Eyebolts

Safety harness eyebolts can be installed, both internally and externally, drilled and fitted to a variety of load bearing building fabrics. These eyebolts must be of a type specified in the British Standards for fall arrest of personnel, correctly fitted to ensure compliance with current regulations and to prevent injury to the user.

All our engineers are trained to give expert advice on the location and the fitting of safety harness eyebolts.

Eyebolts can be provided in a number of finishes including galvanised steel, stainless steel and plastic colour coatings to suit the location and environment.

The alternative to standard eyebolts, is the 'Keyanka Eyebolt', which incorporates a fixed socket permanently fitted to the building fabric and a stainless steel eyebolt unit that can be removed when not in use.

The regular inspection and annual testing of each individual eyebolt is a requirement of the current British Standard 7883. Our staff are equipped with calibrated testing equipment to undertake the annual certification within an occupied working environment.


  • Anchor devices should be installed into load-bearing structural members.
  • The position of an anchor device should be such that the lanyard or connector can be attached before the user moves into a position where he is at risk from falling.
  • Consideration should be given to possible deterioration of anchoe devices, for example that caused by atmospheric conditions.


  • Each and every anchor should be annually removed, examined and refitted.
  • Each and every anchor should be annually tested to 5kN, and the load sustained for a minimum of 15 seconds.
  • Each and every anchor should have PPE identification rings fitted stating the eyebolt ID and the next test due date. Failed eyebolts should be fitted with 'Do Not Use' labels or permanently removed.
  • A Test Certificate is to be issued after satisfactory completion of the test. Introland also supply location sheets, which state exactly where all anchor devices are sited whether passed or failed.
Safety Harness Eyebolts

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