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Invicta Vibrators are responsible for every aspect of the production of their own range of VIBRATORS and they are able to offer assistance and advice on their selection and performance.

Invicta Vibrators is a division of Grantham Engineering Ltd and is based (as the name suggests) in Grantham, England. All of our commercial and manufacturing operations are undertaken on our Grantham premises and it is from here that we export our vibrators to customers through out the world.

Unlike conventional squirrel cage electric motors, VIBRATORS are subject to high 'g' forces, have high start up torques and run at higher temperatures. For these reasons we at Invicta, design, specify and manufacture every component which is incorporated into our equipment.

All windings used in Invicta VIBRATORS are manufactured on site at Grantham where we are able to produce designs for the many different voltages and frequencies found on working sites throughout the world. After assembly every winding is individually inspected and tested to ensure that it is free from fault or defect.

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Electrical Vibrators

Our standard range of electric VIBRATORS are manufactured with either 2, 4, 6, or 8 pole winding configurations, to give fixed rotational speeds of 2880/3456 rpm, 1440/1728 rpm, 960/1152 rpm, 720/864 rpm respectively at 50/60 Hertz. These windings can be incorporated into either a base mounted vibrator or a single flange vibrator depending on the type of vibratory plant specified.

> base mounted

The casting for the base mounted range of VIBRATORS has either 4 or 6 fixing holes which are positioned at 90 degrees to the axis of the rotor shaft. The consequence of this is that the centrifugal force generated by the VIBRATORS is in line with the fixing bolts. Base mounted vibrators are most commonly used as drive units for, grizzly feeders, screens, feeders, conveyors, tubes, spreaders, bin dischargers, and so on

> flange mounted

The casting for the flange mounted VIBRATOR has a collar round its circumference which has 4 or more fixing holes parallel to the axis of the rotor shaft. These vibrators are generally mounted with the shaft in the vertical plane and are used in sieving and sorting machines where very fine powders and suspensions are processed.

Electrical Vibrators

Hydraulic Vibrators

The HV range of hydraulically powered vibrators has been designed to produce circular or elliptical motion from a single unit when driving screens, feeders or conveyors.

A range of base mounted, rotary, hydraulically powered vibrators have been designed for use on both mobile and static plant. These designs differ from the electric vibrators in that they have three out-of-balance weights in-board of the bearing housings. The two bearings are grease lubricated and the rotor shaft is driven by a hydraulic motor via a solid coupling.

> HV Range

Standard range of hydraulically powered vibrators designed to produce circular or elliptical motion from a single unit.

Sizes currently range from the HV40 with a centrifugal force of 34335 Newtons up to the HV60 with a centrifugal of 103000 Newtons.

Hydraulic Vibrators

Pneumatic Vibrators

Invicta piston VIBRATORS produce a reciprocating linear force when compressed air is supplied through the inlet port. This force is generated by the motion of the nitride hardened piston shuttling from end to end in the cylindrical VIBRATOR or body, which is cast from SG iron and which has a square mounting base with four fixing holes.

This range of VIBRATORS have been assessed for compliance with EN13461-1 and ATEX Directive 94/9/EC for use in Group II Category 2 areas, Gas (Zones 1 & 2) – Temperature Class T5 and Dust (Zones 21 & 22) – Temperature 100°C.

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> Type BCAR: Air Cushioned

Continuous running air cushioned model, cushioned on forward and backward stroke for quiet operation - ideal for powering small screens, feeders and tables. This model can also be used on hoppers, chutes, bins and silos.

> Type BCIR: Continuous Impacting

Continuous running impacting model, air cushioned on the back stroke. On the forward stroke the hardened end of the piston strikes a mounting plate on the structure to be vibrated giving a high energy impact. For this reason it is noisier than the BCAR. This model is ideal for the promotion of flow of materials in hoppers.

> Type BSIR: Single Impacting

Single impacting model, normally controlled by a solenoid valve and an Invicta electronic timer. Depending on size, it can be set to give up to 100 blows per minute. When the solenoid valve is actuated the piston strikes a mounting plate. Between the blows, the piston is held in the retracted position.

Pneumatic Vibrators

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