Invicta Water Treatment


Here at Invicta Water Treatment, we specialise in chlorination water treatment using alternative disinfection chemicals depending on the application and the end-user. Our chlorination water treatment work complies with L8 ACoP and BS 6700. We provide risk assessments, method statements, COSHH and material safety data sheets where required.

Borehole Water Treatment

We provide advanced borehole water treatment as part of ongoing management of water storage and distribution systems. Sampling is used to measure the health of your system. We are experienced in borehole water treatment and use advanced techniques to fingerprint water supplies.

Water Treatment

For many years we have designed and supplied innovative water treatment systems to soften water, deionise water, control the pH, remove iron and manganese and reharden. Our standard water treatment chemicals are suitable for boiler feed, cooling towers, closed loops (heating and chilled), and also bespoke mixes depending on the application. We provide services including setting up dosing systems, servicing and on and offline analysis forms.

Legionella Water Treatment

We provide legionella water treatment services and have a fully qualified and experience risk assessor to cover any buildings including complex manufacturing and food sites. Our risk assessments produce documents to show the changes and uses of the building over time and how they impact on people. As part of our legionella water treatment services, we provide an easy to use and log book.

Boiler Feed

We provide services to improve the efficiency of your boiler feed as heating fuel prices rise and carbon emissions need to be reduced inline with government requirements. Our boiler feed service covers both the equipment and chemicals, and also setting up the blowdown of the boiler. We make sure the water quality is suitable for the boiler and ensure you only heat what you need.

Private Water Supply

Our water treatment supply service assists property owners when fitting their own treatment systems. We provide bespoke services from start to finish to meet your individual requirements. We supply and install private water supply treatment systems in and around:

  • Surrey
  • Kent
  • Hampshire
  • Hertfordshire
  • Berkshire
  • Norfolk
  • Suffolk
  • East and West Sussex

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