Ionbond UK Ltd


At Ionbond, we specialise in providing the highest quality thin-film PVD, PACVD and CVD coating technologies. We provide state of the art surface engineering services in 40 coating centres worldwide and manufacture customer specific coating equipment. Our surface engineering offer ranges from coating contracts and technical analysis for individual products to shop-in-shop coating centres for large volume customers up to the sale of customer specific coating equipment and whole production lines.

TiN PVD Coatings

We provide high quality TiN PVD coatings involving the creation of a metal vapour that can be reacted with different gases to create a thin film coating. We use most common TiN PVD coatings method used today including arc deposition and sputtering. Both processes are carried out under high vacuum conditions inside a coating chamber.

Cutting Tools

We have a huge coating portfolio for cutting tools as the market is constantly growing. We have developed cutting tools coating to suit a variety of different requirements and budgets.  We pride ourselves in being able to provide the best price, service and performance ratio.  


Ionbond Molding and Forming Coatings

We have been providing Ionbond moulding and forming coatings for four decades. We us advanced PVD, CVD and PACVD technology to increase productivity and options of Ionbond moulding and forming coatings.

Industrial Component Coatings

We supply industrial component coatings designed to benefit machines and parts from wear and friction and increase the efficiency. Our industrial component coatings have been developed over 40 years and meet each customers individual requirements.

Automotive Coatings

Our automotive coatings are designed to meet the demands of the pressure placed upon the automotive industry to reduce the emissions of their vehicles -- levels forecast to tighten in the years ahead. Our automotive coatings are created using the latest materials and innovative treatment processes. We use vacuum coating techniques to meet worldwide requirements.  

The IHI Corporation, Ionbonds Parent Company

In 2013, IHI celebrated its 160th anniversary. IHI’s predecessor, the Ishikawajima Shipyard, was founded in 1853 upon the arrival of Admiral Perry’s black ships in Uraga Bay and at the dawn of Japan’s modern age. Thus began the 160-year journey of dedicated pursuit of the potential of next-generation technologies at the cutting edge of engineering. From shipbuilding, land-based machinery, large infrastructure projects and equipment to complete factories, aviation and aerospace, IHI has expanded into a $15 billion company with over 40 major factories, a worldwide network of offices and 28 000 employees to support a wide range of engineering fields and pave the way for next-generation technology.

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