IPC Systems Ltd

IPC Systems Limited is able to provide an excellent range of data acquisition, remote monitoring and control products with the expertise and experience to make them work for the customer.

Products range from stand alone data loggers to full acquisition systems, also the TempPod, an off the shelf single channel temperature measuring device, to the DPC2 compact flash data acquisition card, a multi-functional data acquisition card which enables the many hand held computers and PDA¿s now available to be used as sophisticated data collection and analysis tools.

With technology moving forward at a tremendous rate we pride ourselves for staying at the forefront of new product development, always striving to obtain the best products at the best price.

We can supply the product directly off the shelf to the customer, integrate it into a specialised system, design and write software for control - everything that could be needed by the customer.

We are able to provide products to work in any environment, from the extreme cold of a freezer to the heat of an oven, in industries such as automotive, water, chemical, utilities and food and beverage.

Technical support for new installations, assistance on using the specialised software, systems or application advice are just a few of the services that we are more than happy to provide.

Please feel free to contact us regarding any of your data acquisition, remote monitoring and control needs.

IPC Systems Ltd Overview