iPhone Repair Leeds Ltd

We offer a local service repairing Apple iPhone, iPad and Macbook. While we focus particularly on products by the famous brand from Cuppertino we can also rapidly turn around the restoration of smart phones by every other major manufacturer, including Samsung, Google Nexus, Nokia Lumia and HTC phones. The majority of these can be rapidly turned around within the hour with speed and quality of workmanship the major emphasis. 

We believe there is a scarcity of reliable and trustworthy options for having your devices fixed in 
Leeds City Centre, the vast majority offering sub-par services that sometimes end up causing more
harm to your device than was originally present. The age of simple Nokia repairs has long since 
disappeared, repair shops must now take extreme care with what are very expensive devices, 
unfortunately many fail to do so. The key determining factors indicating a quality of repair are,
ensuring a flush fit, correctly reassembling a device and most importantly the use of high quality parts. 

Our shop has a long and established history of repairing smart phones and a great majority
of our custom is through word of mouth, we are able to generate much of our business this 
way by offering an unrivalled customer service experiences. While many of the repairs we offer 
are considered by many shops to be fairly straightforward we prefer instead to maintain that
the way we go about restoring your devices requires great care and attention to detail.
We have an extremely stringent quality assurance policy to prevent returns and disputes. 
We still maintain a competitive advantage on pricing despite going above and beyond what our competitors would consider necessary. 

The extraordinary success our business has achieved in recent years has allowed us to initiate a majorexpansion of the property, with the entire building completely rebuilt from scratch from the basement to the roof. No expenses were spared in its reconstruction, resulting in a shop that is now considered a landmark building in Leeds. We also have a completely separate floor over 1500 sq/ft in size that’s dedicated exclusively to iPad screen repairs. To our knowledge we are the only shop of its kind in the Leeds area, we have invested heavily in ensuring our technicians are equipped with the tools and facility required to ensure a high standard of workmanship. 

This is in stark contract to the many third rate repair companies operating from domestic properties and other types of squalid enclosures such as kiosks and sublet apartments.

We also ensure our customers privacy by insisting on their devices being locked before booking, close vetting of our technicians and high resolution recording of every each of the premises. The cctv footage is stored for up to 6 months, we do this to ensure the security and safety of our customers property. We also have a secure location for storage of your devices once the repair is complete. 

the main repairs we conduct from our state of the art shop are iPhone 5 screen repairs, Nokia Phone Repairs iPad digitiser replacements and Samsung galaxy glass touch screen servicing. We are very particular about the types of screens we are willing to install in our customers devices, an example of this is our insistence on fitting official Samsung service pack screens, a great majority of the third rate repair companies will convince you to fit the glass only, we do not offer these repairs as we cannot guarantee a dust proof seal, the LCD can end up with heat damage and the UV glue will look unsightly after it has been left to cure. With the genuine Samsung screens the repair can be turned around within 10 minutes.

With the iPad repairs we are now the trusted and no1 ranked service provider, we have assumed this title by only offering a high quality digitiser replacement service backup by our industry leading 12 Months warranty. Most iPads can be repaired within an hour and will be guaranteed and free of speck of dust trapped under the glass.

We always take the perfectionist approach and our customers expect nothing less of us. The devices are sealed perfectly using our patented adhesive application process. 

iPhone Repair Leeds Ltd Overview