Ipower Group Ltd

Ipower Group Limited, is specialized in manufacturing Non-standard machine tools in China. We are focus on R & D various kinds of efficient non-standard machine tools to deal with a bit of/a great amount of processing for shaping parts in many industries, including the area of air-condition, gas, plumbing, auto, hardware, etc.

In the past years, we had ever cooperated with plenty of famous enterprises such as Ningbo jintian Copper(group)Co., Ltd, AUX GROUP Co., Ltd, Ningbo Zhiqing Industrial Co., Ltd, ZheJiang Dun An Value Co., Ltd , ZheJiang SANHUA Climate and Appliance Controls Group Co., Ltd, MINGSHI PIPES SYSTEMS Co., Ltd, ShangDong HUANRI Group Co., Ltd, Guangdong Liansu Technology Industrial Co., Ltd, Guangdong HANGJI Metal Product Industries Co., Ltd, Guangdong CHIGO Air Conditioning Co., Ltd, etc. And we had exported our machines to many foreign country like India, Indonesia.

In order to figure out the problem of how to arrange the production schedule in busy season and slack season, we provide a brilliant solution with specific machine. In slack season, you can shut down the machine and do not need to lay off any employee. In busy season, you can just turn on the machine and manage to get the maximum effectiveness. In this circumstance, you can keep your employee as steady as you want and that would be quite better for your management.

With the development of productivity and the improvement of science and technology, our efficient machines plays more and more important role in raising efficiency and improving the products’ quality for manufactory enterprise. 

Ipower Group Ltd Overview