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The company ipr TOOLS is manufacture of hydraulic tools. Innovation is our passion! Our special field is new developments. This is what distinguishes us.

ipr TOOLS’ competence derives from long-time experience in the areas development, manufacture and distribution of industrial tools and accessories of electrical power supply and the general tool technology. We possess a high level of knowledge especially in the field of hydraulic cutting and pressing tools. ipr is owner of KKT, AiR, UNI FUTURE, and other brands.

ipr GmbH

The ipr TOOLS currently reworks the complete hydraulic toolbox. Goal is a significant reduction of the necessary amount of tools and each tool’s weight. Therefore, we work closely with research institutions. Blootooth and RFID technology are both applied to use all tools via plug & play with 100% safety and least possible abrasion.

Years of experience, continuous exchange with our customers, and the cooperation with specialists enable us to permanently place innovations on the market. This is what we are proud of. Working in cooperative partnership, we consistently implement wishes and requirements with our customers. This is what we are known for.

ipr – experience and competence from which you can benefit!

ipr GmbH

Our products:
• work under voltage
• hydraulic presses
• wire rope cutters
• hydraulic tools
• cable installation tools
• cable cutting systems
• tools for cable processing
• cable shears
• pressing pliers
• crimping tools

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