IPS (Overseas) Ltd

For more than eighteen years International Procurement Services Ltd have maintained a 'sweep' team of trained specialist engineers who are equipped with "state-of-the-art "electronic countermeasures equipment to detect all forms of transmitters, illicit intrusion and bugging devices. Most of our engineers are ex Special Forces with many years experience at countering such threats and are fully qualified to advise on all types of information security together with methods to combat electronic eavesdropping.

Our experience is world wide and during the past three years I.P.S. specialist engineers have carried out security searches or training for Corporate and Government clients in Algeria, Lithuania, Hungary, Bulgaria, Luxembourg, Belgium, Romania, Russia, Portugal, Peru, France, Switzerland, Tanzania, Singapore, South Africa & Suriname.

IPS are responsible for training numerous Government, Police and International Law Enforcement Agencies both in the UK and Overseas. We also equip and train `in-house¿ security teams for organizations wishing to carry out their own security.

As International Distributors for Research Electronics International Inc. I.P.S. use both the OSCOR 5000 Counter Surveillance Receiver and ORION Non Linear Junction Detector both of which are considered to be the most advanced countermeasures equipment available for the detection of bugging devices.

The company has resources to deal with every situation from a single room through to 10,000 sq.mtrs. and are able to respond immediately for clients either on a 'one-off' basis or agreed consultancy terms.

I.P.S. clients include many Governments, Banks, Embassies and PLC¿s etc., worldwide, however, strict confidentiality is part of our business, therefore we do not issue a client list under any circumstances.

IPS (Overseas) Ltd Overview