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All Iridium's facilitators have held senior roles in large high-tech engineering organisations and so our approach is very pragmatic and focussed on achieving immediate impact and results

Our clients include  ABB, Johnson Matthey, Vodafone and the Open University. 

We provide bespoke solutions tailored to your leadership, management and team training and development needs. 

Soft Skills Training Courses

Iridium runs a wide range of 'soft skills' training courses and management training workshops.

The soft skills workshops will be tailored to your organisation's needs through pre- workshop consultation. The soft skills workshops are highly experiential, fun and require a high degree of participation. The workshops blend a wide range of techniques including Emotional Intelligence, NLP, the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and Insights Discovery Personal Profiles. Workshops have been provided for a wide range of organisations both large and small across the UK and Europe including; Vodafone, The Open University and the NHS. All our workshops provide you with tools that you can implement immediately to further enhance your performance. See our soft skills training provider website for more information and sample agendas.

Effective Presentation Skills Training

Gill Graves, author of 'Presenting Yourself With Impact' runs a series of in-house and open effective presentation and communication skills training courses, workshops and coaching programmes. Effective communication skills and presentation skills will give you the edge in influencing others, making sales, making change happen and building teams.

Effective Presentation Skills Training

The Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)

If you know what you want call Colin Graves (A Myers-Briggs Licenced facilitator) now to discuss on 07881 636538

The Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is the most widely used instrument for understanding personality differences - differences that can be the source of much misunderstanding and miscommunication between people. (Over 2 million MBTI personality questionnaires are completed each year worldwide). The MBTI, based on over fifty years of research, is extremely effective in enabling you to identify your strengths and provides in a practical way a better understanding of yourself, your motivations and potential areas for growth. Equally it will also enable you to understand and appreciate those who differ from you. It is not a test as there is no measure of ability, it measures preferences. It is therefore a proven personality profiling tool for building understanding in teams and organisations and thus enabling better performance.

See our website for details: Myers Briggs Team Day

The Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) for Business

There are many definitions of NLP but perhaps the one that we believe best sums it up is; NLP is 'the Study of Excellence'. It is therefore a way of decoding and reproducing what works in thinking, language and behaviour so that you consistently achieve the results that you want for yourself, your family, your team and your organisation or business.

The elements of NLP for business are:

Neuro - The way we use our minds and physiology

Linguistic - The way we use language to make sense of our experience

Programming - How we code experience and our patterns of response

See more at our website:  NLP for Business

Many of our interpersonal skills workshops incorporate NLP. Contact Colin Graves (An NLP practitioner) now for details:07881 636538

Development Centres

The first stage of any development programme is usually a development centre to benchmark current skills and behaviours. Iridium has undertaken a wide variety of projects throughout the UK and Europe for 'blue chip' clients from its base in Northampton. You can call Colin Graves now on 07881 636538 to discuss your requirements.

Development Centres

Your development centre will be tailored to your exact needs taking into account your company culture and the competencies that you value. If necessary we will work with you to put a competency framework in place. A range of different tasks can be chosen from, for example: multi-rater 360 degree feedback, competency based interviews, analysis and presentation exercises either individually and/or in a group, fact finding, in-tray exercises, indoor or outdoor group simulation exercises, negotiation exercises, numerical and verbal reasoning tests. In addition we can provide short workshops for participants to help them get the most out of the Centre, for example in the past we have done workshops on creating compelling goals, understanding learning styles, and managing change.

Assessment Centres

The use of assessment techniques enables you to search for the particular skills and values that your organisation needs. Research has shown that assessment centres based around competency-focused exercises are the most accurate predictor of future performance.

Iridium has successfully undertaken design, development and facilitation of assessment centres for a range of 'blue chip' clients including major telecommunications companies, major defence contractors and leading education organisations. You can call Colin Graves now on 07881 636538 to discuss your requirements

Personality Questionnaires and 360 Degree Feedback

Our consultants are accredited users of a range of personality questionnaires that can be included in your assessment centre. The most commonly used questionnaires are OPQ and 16PF. We can also facilitate 360 degree feedback if required.

Presentation Skills for IT

With 20 years experience in high tech organisations we know the challenges faced by IT staff to get their message across. We provide a range of communication skills workshops and presentation skills training courses for IT, workshops and coaching programmes specially designed for IT staff.

Presentation Skills for Engineers

With 20 years experience in high tech organisations we know the challenges faced by engineers to get their message across. We provide a range of presentation skills training courses, workshops and coaching programmes specially designed for engineers.

Personality Profiling

We are expects at personality profiling for business use. Personality profiling can be used in recruitment, talent management, personal development, team development and leadership development.

We are accredited uses of:

The Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)

Insights Discovery


Occupational Personality Questionnaire (OPQ)


Insights Discovery Training Course

If you know what you want contact Colin Graves (An Insights Discovery Licenced Practitioner)

now on 07881 636538. Else read on...

You may be asking yourself


How can I help individuals understand themselves better?

How can I help build confidence in our people?

How can I get people working better together in teams?

How can I get to understand our customers better?

How can I encourage people to want to learn and develop?

How can I create a common language to transform our culture?


The Insights Discovery personality profiling questionnaire provides the basis to answer these questions. An individual profile is generated from the results of a quick 25 question online evaluator. We then provide feedback either at one to one sessions or more usually at a fun team day or workshop. We run workshops based on the Insights Discovery System for a wide range of organisations both big and small in the public and private sectors across the UK. Our clients include Vodafone, Cap Gemini, Which Magazine and the NHS. Click here for a testimonial. Contact us for a workshop agenda.

Insights Discovery recognises and celebrates the fact that each person in an organisation is unique, with different styles, needs and expectations. In these differences are great strengths for the organisation, but how do we recognise and make the best of them? The Insights system uses a very easy to understand system of four colour energies to describe personality that can be quickly learnt and implemented.


The comprehensive 18 page Insights profile enables individuals to understand their working style and how this impacts on their relationships with others in the business environment. It also provides ideas on how they might develop to improve their effectiveness at work. By the sharing of profiles between team members a deeper understanding of others can be made; laying the foundation for improvements in team performance. If you would like a sample profile contact us now. You may also be elligible for a free personal profile.  

The Insights Discovery personality profile is continually validated for accuracy and has been proven with over 10 million participants. The language is positive and supporting throughout and so is seen as non judgemental. Our experience is that the simple, memorable colour system used makes Insights Discovery easy to understand and recall; so enabling the system to get embedded.  

Insights Discovery Training Course

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