Irrigation Supplies Ltd

Irrigation Supplies Ltd. is the number one place to source all your irrigation equipment. We stock everything from sprinklers, controllers and valves to cable and pipe fittings.

We provide the irrigation industry and golf customers with a complete line of the best quality products at competitive prices backed by expert advice.

If it's gear drive sprinklers you want, then we produce the Green-Spray and Tee-Spray with their unique tough rubber housing based on the Nelson units

The Irri-Monitor 100, our new 2 wire control system is now available to up grade old Watermation TW1/2 and Aquarius controllers.

If you are in the contracting/installation business then Irri Supplies can help you provide a top quality service to golf and landscape customers. Order parts and spares from Irri Supplies and we will deliver direct to your customer the next day with paperwork, your stores just got much bigger!

Irrigation Supplies Ltd Overview