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Isla Components Limited was formed in 1998, as a manufacturer of wiper arms, spindles, pushrods and linkages predominantly for the OES and replacement truck, bus and coach automotive and agricultural sectors. To complement this business the Company imported wiper blades, washer jets, washer pumps, spray nozzles and wiper motors.

Isla specialise in the following:

  • Conventional Wiper Blades
  • Upgrade Wiper Blades
  • Heavy Duty Wiper Blades
  • "Cut to Length" Wiper Refills
  • Wiper Arms
  • Linkages & Spindles
  • Commercial Wiper Blades
  • Single Wiper Arms
  • Jumbo Wiper Arms
  • Pantograph Wiper Arms
  • Plant Equipment
  • Agricultural Equipment
  • 12 & 24V Halogen Bulbs
  • Car & Commercial Horns
  • 12V & 24V Washers Pumps
  • Ace W1 & W4 Mini Clamps
  • Ace W1 & W4 Mini Clamps
  • Ace W1 P - Clamps
  • Ace W1 & W4 T - Bolts

New Style Wiper Blades

OE Direct fit replacement & upgrade wiper blades - Flat & retro blades

Isla Components Limited
imports its car, van, truck, bus and coach wiper from one of Turkey’s most prestigious manufacturers of windscreen wiper products who were established almost 50 years ago. This company’s products  are marketed under the logo Visionplus, which incorporates the legendary logo of  SILBAK. Additionally, Isla also offer a complete range of the new style of  Direct Fit and Retro Fit wiper blades, commonly referred to as ‘flat blades’ The  company claim to have been the first company ever to offer a dispenser rack for direct specific fit for OE replacement wiper blades.

Conventional Car Blades

Range of Conventional Wiper Blades

Isla Components Limited, along with there range of OE Direct and Retro Fit (Flat Blades), also offer a total range of car wiper blades, which include a Premier and Economy range of wiper blades collectively covering sizes11″ to 28″ along with Spoiler and Banana type wiper blades in sizes 18″ to 28″. Additionally, the range includes a comprehensive range of rear metal blades. rear plastic blades, rear blade and arms & rear flat blades. Wiper blade dispenser racks are available free of charge when purchased in Kit Form, which includes a minium 30 wiper blades.

Commercial Wiper Blades

Range of Commercial Heavy Duty Wiper Blades

Isla Components Limited
of a complete range of Heavy Duty Commercial wiper blades. These consist of a total range of 21 Wiper blades in sizes 20″ to 40″ complete with the necessary arm adapter fittings, which include a  required 9×3mm/ 9×4mm/12×4mm/16×6mm Hook type – Wash Wipe Spray Nozzles types – 13mm/17mm/22mm/25mm/27mm Nut and Bolt types.

Also, Isla Components now offer the NEW type of the style wiper blades, which  are commonly referred to as ‘Retro Flat Blades’ for TRUCKS. Isla Components  Limited are the first company in the UK to offer this new style of wiper blades  for TRUCKS, which are available in sizes of 22″ 24″ 26″ & 28″ and are for  vehicles with 9×4/12/4mm Hooks.

Replacement Wiper Refills

Range of "Cut to Length" replacement wiper refills

Isla Components Limited offer a comprehensive range of wiper replacement rubbers for cars, vans, trucks, buses and coaches. These wiper rubbers are  the ideal low cost effective option to enhance the life of the consumers wiper  blade, which offers excellent wiper performance.

The wiper refills come in 2 backing widths of 6.5mm and 8.5mm and in lengths of 24″ 28″ & 40″. All the backing strips are extruded in a plastic material, which is both flexible and strong and not affected by extremes of  the elements. Plastic material used allows for the backing strip to be scored at the required length and the broken and the surplus rubber cut off. The complete rubber and backing strip can be threaded through the claws of the wiper blade and is secured by a metal spring clip at one end.

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Wiper Arms

Range of Wiper Arms

Isla Components Limited manufacture an extensive range of wiper arms  and also make bespoke wiper arms to customers samples. Range of arms  can vary from Pantograph arms for Buses, Cranes & Tractors to Standard arms for Cars, Vans, Trucks & Coaches, plus Special arms for  Security Cameras and for sights on military vehicles.

Wiper Components

Linkages - Spindles - Push Rods - Motors

Isla Components Limited in their quest to supply complete wiper systems  are required to manufacture a range of spindles, pushrods & linkages, which along with wiper arms, wiper blades, washer pumps and electric motors are required to make up the complete wiper system.

Washer Bottles & Pumps

Washer bottles - Washer Pumps - Washer Jets

Isla Components Limited offer a comprehensive range of washer pumps in both 12 volt and 24 volt along with a range of washer bottles, which are are all imported from established manufacturers in Europe.

Agriculture & Plant Equipment

Wiper Motors - Wiper Arms - Wiper Blades

Isla Components Limited import from Mainland Europe a specialist range to support their Agricultural and Plant business, which range from special wiper motors, wiper arms and blades.
import from Mainland Europe a specialist range to support their Agricultural and Plant business, which range from special wiper motors, wiper arms and blades.

Hose Clamp Fastenings

Total range of Ace Hose Clamp Fastenings

Isla Components Limited
are an Authorised Distributor of ACE hose clamp fastenings and point of sale merchandisers. The manufacturing specification of Ace hose clamps follow both the BS5315 range and the DIN3017. The ACE factory mainly concentrate on the DIN standard, as this is the standard followed by the majority of manufacturers and aftermarket sellers of Hose Clamp Fastenings in Europe. The BS standard is a UK respected standard by most users in the UK. Ace manufacture wormdrive hose clips, miniclamps T-Bolts, Rubber P Clamps, Thumb Screw Clamps, Quick Release Clamps and Cable Ties.

Point of Sale

Range of available merchandisers

Isla Components Limited
offer an extensive range of ‘Point of Sale’ displays, which all are supplied free of charge. Merchandisers comprise of W1 & W4 hose clamps displays, W1 & W4 Mini clamp displays, W1 & W4 Handipaks Handi Tube for Cable Ties.

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