We are ISO standard consultants who provide clients with Quality / Environmental / Health and Safety Management Systems.  The Microsoft-based management systems meet the crucial requirements of a variety of international standardisations. With our help and consultancy, we can get you up and running in accordance with all guidelines in the shortest possible time.

With our standard Essential package, our ISO standard consultants will visit your premises after you have purchased your system, and install and tailor the system to suit your specific requirements. We also provide full training to ensure you understand every aspect of your system.

Quality Management ISO 9001

Our consultancy services help you work in accordance with the system for quality management ISO 9001. The popularity of ISO 9001 has been because of its use as a supply chain management tool by a range of large industries. They have seen the substantial cost benefits and efficiency of exacting suppliers to be audited and certified to ISO 9001 independently.

Our system for quality management ISO 9001 includes two packages - The Essential and The Advanced.   Our consultancy service aims to walk alongside customers to help them work in compliance with ISO 9001 and take them on the journey to enhanced performance.  

ISO 14001

ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems can appear intimidating but our consultancy service helps you to design your own system to meet the ISO 14001 standard by breaking it down to manageable sections and implementing it successfully throughout your company.  With our help, ISO 14001 can be unobtrusively and effortlessly integrated into your own Business Management System.

We also offer second party or internal auditing services for ISO 14001.  Certification can then be obtained via a UKAS accredited body to make sure a company's environmental management systems meet the needs of the company, and comply with the Standard.

Health and Safety

We can help to implement ISO 18001 Occupational Health and Safety  Management Systems (OHSAS) into your organisation. The ISO18001 Health and Safety standard demonstrates to others that your company is committed to maintaining and improving the way you manage health and safety within your company.

With our consultancy service, companies can be assured they are reaching  health and safety targets and have successfully implemented a continual process of improvement.

Consultancy Services

Our consultancy services for quality control aim to offer clients a competitive advantage over other organisations by providing them with expert, top down consultancy. We enable our clients to achieve continual efficiency and obtain the financial benefits achieved by eliminating waste, developing total quality, increasing standardisation, and reinforcing corporate cultures.

Our consultancy services are implemented at senior board level where we can identify the vital priorities and focus on improving the systems and processes.


We supply internal auditing to help ensure a company's processes and systems are working correctly, all of the time. Auditing controls costs, and maximises margins, by forming an important part of your organisation's feedback system.

Our auditing services are undertaken by taking into account your company's activity, location, size and complexity and help get your documentation and processes meet the requirements of all relevant ISO standards.

The findings of all our audits are written in a detailed report. 

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