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We provide comprehensive solutions for sound proofing in London. We understand the impact of noise and the huge effect it has on our environment. As well as soundproofing in London, we also provide superior solutions for soundproofing throughout the UK.

We can solve any problem of a noisy neighbour in flats or houses using an acoustic wall, acoustic floor or an acoustic ceiling. For all of your sound proofing requirements, both in and around London, or any other part of the UK, we provide the superior solutions.

  • Soundproofing London
  • Sound proofing in Hackney
  • Acoustic flooring Camden
  • Soundproofing materials in Westminster
  • Soundproofing materials in Islington

Soundproofing Materials

We provide acoustic soundproofing materials and systems accepted under Approved Document E of the Building Regulations. Based in Cambridgeshire, this service extends to London and throughout the UK.

Acoustic solutions and sound proofing materials are available for all deck, batten, cradle, screed, wall and ceiling applications. Our expertise covers all areas of standards for sound proofing materials in rooms for residential purposes.

Our service is vast and covers many areas, including London boroughs and areas such as W1, SW1, SW3, SW5 and SW7.

  • Soundproofing materials in Kensington and Chelsea
  • Sound proofing in Lambeth
  • Soundproofing Wandsworth/Tooting
Soundproofing Materials

Resilient Flooring

We specialise in the installation of resilient flooring. Particularly durable, stain and water resistant and comfortable, our resilient flooring is a great choice if you are looking for longevity and performance.

As a company committed to protecting the environment, we ensure our resilient layers are made from recycled materials wherever possible.

Resilient Flooring

Acoustic Wall

We provide the ultimate solutions in sound proofing. Our Phonewell acoustic wall with cross-fluted engineered card and hardboard carcass has compacted loose sand inside, giving it high mass with special self-decoupling properties.

For sound proofing, our acoustic walls offer 36dB Airborne performance in a single product and can be constructed from wood, steel or solid substrates. We can provide new builds, conversions, refurbishments and remedial work and domestic upgrades.

We also manufacture Isowave, a revolutionary wall isolation panel. Isowave is easy to install and significantly reduces direct transmission of noise from one room to another.

Acoustic Wall

Acoustic Floor

Further sound proofing solutions we provide throughout London include the provision of acoustic flooring. Acoustic floors can help reduce intrusive and unwanted noise.

One of the most common causes for a reduction in sound insulation performance are flanking paths and these must be identified and dealt with before an effective sound insulation solution is adopted. Isomass Ltd has the expertise to identify and provide solutions for such situations and can provide acoustic floor to help this.

Acoustic Floor

Monodeck Acoustic Flooring

Our sound proofing solutions in London also cover Monodeck acoustic flooring.

Monodeck (formally known as Econocheck) boards are traditional acoustic floor products for either primary or overlay sub-floors. They are usually used in conversion applications where very little design advice is required. Their incorporation represents one of the simplest ways of improving both airborne and impact sound performance towards building regulation compliance.

Sound Proofing Accessories

We offer a wide range of sound proofing accessories including Isocheck isolation tape used to enhance the impact sound transmission on stud walls, steel and timber joists. Commonly used for refurbishment upgrades, its adhesive backing ensures it can be held in position as the works progress.

Further options in sound proofing accessories include intumescent acoustic sealant. Isocheck acoustic fire rated sealant is used to reduce the unwanted airborne sound that is commonly found to pass around the junction between ceilings and walls.

For more information on our vast array of sound proofing accessories, or any related services in the London area, visit our website.

Sound Proofing Accessories

Comprehensive Technical Support

We offer comprehensive technical support to designers and builders working with our acoustic systems, including:

  • Data sheets and installation instructions
  • CAD details
  • Copies of test certificates
  • Design and installation guidance
  • Testing

We produce design and site-work guidance on how to incorporate services, fixtures and fittings and how to provide additional sound absorption within the acoustic floor construction. With our comprehensive technical support, we also advise on different floor designs within any given application.

Comprehensive Technical Support

Building Regulations - Noise/Sound Insulation

We comply with many Building Regulations - Noise/Sound Insulation such as Approved Document E (ADE) of the Building Regulations 2003 (amended 2004) for England and Wales, designed to provide standards for acoustic insulation.

These new ADE regulations have changed the pass criteria for airborne sound by putting a greater emphasis on low frequency sound (100Hz - 400Hz), the root cause of many complaints about noise. These new building regulations apply to both new builds and conversion projects consisting of rooms for residential purposes.

Building Regulations - Noise/Sound Insulation

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