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I.S.T. is your clear choice for Pipeline Pigging Systems and Technology. The idea of pigging is brilliantly simple and the best ideas are often the most simple. This is just the case with pigging systems, for more than 40 years I.S.T. have expanded the use of pigging into many new branches of industry, and it is based on a process which is, in principle, very simple.

A fit body, in other words a “pig”, is used to push out the contents of a pipe. What makes this principle so attractive is that it is suitable for use in various fields: I.S.T. pigging systems can be used to pump, fill, mix and separate most products as well as ensure the pipe is cleaned to give full product recovery and also enable many different products to be transferred down the same non dedicated pipework line.

I.S.T. has taken a brilliantly simple idea and developed it into perfect system solutions for all problematic tasks associated with pumping and filling systems.

Benefits Of Pigging

I.S.T. pigging systems helps you save money and the benefits of pigging are that it is cost effective and environmentally friendly method of simultaneous product handling and pipework cleaning. Other benefits of pigging are:

  • Zero Product Wastage
  • Faster Changeovers
  • Reduce Effluent
  • Fewer Pipelines
  • Save Money
  • Environmentally Friendly

Makes The Best Of Your Pipes

I.S.T. pigging systems makes the best of you pipes and can be used for:

  • Liquids
  • Granules
  • Powders
  • Slurries
  • Sludge’s and much more

Typical Applications

I.S.T. pigging systems can be used in many typical applications found in almost all types of industry, including:

  • Mineral Oil
  • Chemical
  • Paints & varnish
  • Food
  • Drinks
  • Cosmetics
  • Pharmaceutical


Our Duo pig is a pig like no other and nearly all filling and pumping systems can be optimised with our pigs. I.S.T. pigs are manufactured in a variety of designs and materials to suit individual customer requirements.

In principle, if a product can be pumped then it can also be pigged. The special feature about a Duo pig is its shape:

  • Its narrow waist means it can negotiate pipe bends with a minimal loss of friction
  • Its two hardwearing sealing lips are excellent for cleaning residue from the pipe sides and it can move past openings in pipes
  • The pig’s flexible front surface protects pipe bends from damage and wear and acts as a shock absorber
  • And the pig holds its position – none of that tumbling through the pipe as cleaning balls do

Pig Launching And Receiving Station

We have a range of T-piece as pig launching and receiving station applicable for one and two pig systems. Our pig launching and receiving station can be operated manually and automatically.

Piggable Valves

Our piggable valves include the T-Port Valve T 40 model suitable for single direction pigging valves systems.

Piggable Three Way Valves

The T41 Piggable Three Way Valves valve allows either two or three pipeline routes to be connected.

Piggable Manifolds

Our Piggable Rotary manifold T 06 make up our range of piggable manifolds. This type of piggable manifold connects one or two supplied with up to 18 outlets.

Piggable Full Systems Manifolds

Our piggable full systems manifolds include the T 57 model. Piggable full systems manifolds offer a piggable, close connection system allowing pipelines with different diameters to be pigged. They are also exceptionally compact and easy to maintain.


Our SMB Simultaneous Metering Blender T 45 is unique and can be integrated with pig launching and receiving stations to provide efficient lube oil blending systems, and provide very fast dosing of raw materials, together with high quality finished product results.

Drum Decanting (DDU)

Our DDU Drum Decanting Unit T 65 incorporates technology to provide complete discharge of high quality product from drums and containers (IBC). Drum decanting (DDU) is available with integrated pig launching and receiving stations.

Pig Sensors

Our pig sensors are able to locate pigs in the pipeline or in the pigging stations. We have developed a variety of pig sensors for a diversity of applications.

Piggable Pipes And Blends

Our piggable pipes and blends include the piggable pipes and elbows T 59 models.

We apply strict standards with regard to the production of piggable pipes and blends and elbows as the quality of these parts has a high influence on the final pigging result.

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