IT Cleaning Ltd


IT Cleaning Ltd specialise in the Data Centre Cleaning, Server Room Cleaning, Communication Room Cleaning, Computer Room Cleaning and other IT infrastructure.

As server room cleaning specialists, our complete service includes cleaning the room and the equipment within the room.

IT Disposal

We provide comprehensive solutions for IT disposal. We offer a bespoke service for IT disposal and 'end-of-life' IT assets.

Our professional IT disposal services include the wiping of data using a secure GESG approved system and the issue of certification. As well as this IT disposal service, we can then offer to buy the equipment if you wish to completely dispose of it.

We also offer secure data wiping using CESG approved systems. We are able to wipe all media including hard drive wiping, smart phone wiping, flash drive wiping and memory card wiping.

IT Disposal

Data Centre Cleaning Specialists

IT Cleaning Limited have been trading since 2002. We are specialists in the cleaning of IT equipment and infrastructure only. From Data Centres Cleaning and Server Room Cleaning to PCs on desk.

Since our inception we have been at the forefront of data centre cleaning. We specialise in data centre cleaning, server room cleaning, communication room cleaning, MCRs and SCRs.

Data Centre Cleaning Specialists

Computer Room Cleaning

Data Centres are the heart, backbone and brain of your organisation's infrastructure. This mission critical environment represents a large investment for most companies.

IT industry research has concluded that up to 70% of data/server room related breakdowns are caused by dust and other debris. The environment is the source of this dust. Technical room cleaning is the most cost effective way of removing it from your environment.

Computer Room Cleaning

PC Cleaning/Computer Cleaning

IT Cleaning Ltd carry out PC cleaning, computer cleaning, telephone cleaning, printer cleaning and other peripheral items.

IT Cleaning Limited cleans the following and more:

  • Monitor
  • Keyboard
  • Hard Drive
  • Cables from keyboard and mouse (as far as can access)

Professional PC cleaning as defined above takes approximately 15 minutes per PC.

PC Cleaning/Computer Cleaning
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