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Freight forwarding is a service industry. ITAL Logistics offer an unrivalled freight forwarding service due to their level of customer service. How the latter is managed is what makes or breaks a relationship with the client. ITAL Logistics Ltd strives to provide an excellent customer service.

To find out more about our freight forwarding services, please see our website.

Dangerous Goods Transport

ITAL Logistics Ltd specialises in dangerous goods transport. Their service is fully compliant with the regulations of ADR and IMDG.

They have two DGSAs (Dangerous Goods Safety Advisors) who can provide expert advice on all aspects involved in dangerous goods transport.

Freight Services in Italy

ITAL Logistics Ltd can offer road freight services to and from Italy, Sicily and Sardinia. Their freight services in Italy include the transportation of dangerous goods. 

Their service to and from Italy has grown from strength to strength and they now offer daily departures in each direction. They provide the Italian market with high quality logistics and take client’s individual requirements into account.

Visit their website for further information on their freight services in Italy.

Freight Services in Spain

They also offer a freight service to and from Spain, including the transportation of dangerous goods on most departures.

They have two partners in Spain, one based in Barcelona and the other in Madrid. They work extremely closely with these partners to provide their freight services in Spain. They can provide a minimum of twice weekly departures in each direction from these areas.

For more information on their freight service in Spain, please visit their website.

Freight Services in Portugal

ITAL Logistics also offer a road freight service in Portugal. This service typically transports dangerous goods on the majority of departures.

They have a partner is based in Porto but their freight services in Portugal extends through out the whole country.

Freight Services in Greece

ITAL Logistics have partners to provide freight services in Greece. Hellas Logistics of Athens are a reliable freight company, who strive to provide an excellent service.

Hella Logistics of Athens have stiff competition in their area, but despite this and the growing economic concerns of the country, ITAL Logistics are confident that their freight service in Greece will develop to become a strong market.   They offer freight services in Greece twice weekly with good transit times.

European Freight Services

To compliment their core services, and through the appointment of carefully chosen agents, ITAL Logistics Ltd can also provide regular and direct European freight services.

Their European freight services cover most Western, Central and Eastern European countries, including…   Switzerland, France, Belgium, Luxemburg, Austria, Holland, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Turkey, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Romania, and the Baltic countries to name but a few.

Road Transport

For anything to do with European road transport, please do not hesitate to contact ITAL Logistics.

They are experts in road transport through out the majority of Europe.

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