ITEC Industrial Services Ltd


We are specialist designers, installers and maintenance providers for all areas of mechanical and electrical systems.

Mechanical and electrical systems our vast services cover include refrigeration, air conditioning, and heating and ventilation. We also provide comprehensive solutions for space planning.


We specialise in refrigeration and cover the full spectrum of services for all types of refrigeration systems. Our refrigeration solutions cover cold stores, blast freezers, low temperature production areas,screw compressor chillers and much more.

For more information on our extensive refrigeration services, visit our website.

Air Conditioning

Another area of significant expertise is with air conditioning. We provide informed and versatile air conditioning solutions, suitable for various environments and specific requirements.

Our air conditioning services cover splits, fan coils, liquid chillers, central plant, ducted systems, heat pumps and more.

Heating and Ventilation

If you require heating and ventilation services, we have the comprehensive and hassle-free solutions for you. Our heating solutions cover commercial and industrial installations, gas and oil fired boilers, unit heaters, convectors, warm air units, ducted systems and more.

Our ventilation services include ductwork, air handling supply, heat recovery, fresh air supply, extraction facilities and displacement systems. For more information on our unrivalled range of heating and ventilation services, visit our website.

Process Chillers

We also provide custom built solutions, a service covering process chillers among other systems.

Our process chillers are built to specific 'non-standard' requirements such as high ambient conditions, low leaving water temperatures, variable flow rates or portable water applications.

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