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The microscope stages of the LMT200 series are constructed such that adaptation can be performed at almost any microscope by the modification of the lower plate. Due to the large opening in the base plate reflected and transmitted light applications are possible.

The top plate accommodates the insert frame to place different preparations non-slip. It is also possible to make this upper plate customized in order to meet specific applications better.

The middle plate (base plate) includes guides, measuring systems, linear motors and some models also have the control. The arrangement of the guides and the measuring systems on the same level generally achieve higher accuracies than conventional stacked guides (reducing the angle error, patent pending).

Dynamic and effortless methods are the outstanding features of the ICT microscope stages. The low heat and low thermal resistance of the linear motors (patent pending) provide a high thermal stability. Absolute safety for the user is achieved through direct and controlled force of the linear motors. The tables of LMT200 series meet the criteria of the Machinery Directive without protection!

Automatic and fast loading devices and micromanipulators are in development.

Looking for a solution for your automation? Then take advantage of our decades of experience working with microscope tables. We also develop and produce customized systems.

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