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ITM Components provide one of the largest ranges of cables and connectivity products in the industry, including specialised armoured , rugged and waterproof varieties.

We also supply a wide range of Professional AV Systems, Video Switching, KVM Switches, Antennas, Amplifiers, Enclosures, Fibre Optics, Extenders, KVM Matrix Switches, PC104 and Digital/Analogue IO Cards.

We have over 20 years of experience supplying Installers, Industry, Military, Commerce, Educational, Government and End User companies. We are UK distributors for, amongst others, Extron, L-Com, Network Technologies, Newnex and Gefen.


Technical Support and Guidance

At ITM Components, we offer FREE pre and post sales support to our customers to help ensure you select a practical cost effective solutions to your problems. Our support does not end when you have made you purchase. We will continue to offer advice and support through the commisioning phase of your product, to the end of the warrantee and beyond.

Professional Audio Visual Solutions

We offer a wide selection of PRO-AV Solutions, and the knowledge to advise and support you it your process.:

  • Professional AV Presentation Solutions
  • Audio and Video Routing Systems
  • Audio/Video Matrix Switches
  • Composite & VGA Video Switches
  • A/V Matrix Switchers
  • Fibre Optic A/V Matrix Switches
  • Video Switches
  • Video Splitters
  • CAT5 Video Extenders
  • Video Scalers

ITM Components has an extensive range of Video Switches, Splitters, Extenders and Scalers.

Video Matrix Switching systems interface and route multiple video sources – computers, cameras, DVD players to many remote outputs such as displays, monitors, projectors, and speakers. Outputs can be routed to different destinations, either using coax video cables or inexpensive CAT5/5e/6 cable. VGA & Audio Matrix Switchers are ideal for applications and use in classrooms, training and conference rooms. 

Fibre Optic Matrix Switches

Fibre Optic Matrix Switchers are designed for complete, end-to-end digital A/V signal transmission for routing over fibre optic cable. They are available in a variety of sizes from 8x8 up to 72x72 and 144 x 144, and support up to 4.25 Gbps digital switching. Also they are compatible for use with fibre optic transmitters and receivers for transmission over long distances.

Video and DVI Extenders

Video Extenders and DVI Extenders allow video extension between computer systems and display devices up to 300 meters.  Fibre Optic Video Extenders can be used to cover distances over 2000 Meters.

DVI and HDMI Video Matrix Switches

DVI (Digital Video Interface) switches enable HD digital signals from multiple sources to be switched between multiple displays (TVs, Monitors, Projectors etc). Due to the high signal integrity of DVI transmission it has been used widely in the video routing in professional A/V installations. As the HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) switchers also carry the audio signals, HDMI has become the preferred choice for professional A/V and home theatre solutions.

Fibre Optic Architectural Connectivity

Extron Cable Cubby Range

Fibre Optic Configurable Control Systems

Extron Touchlink
Extron Medialink
Gefen GAVA

Fibre Optic Connectors

Fibre Optic Extenders
Fibre Optic Converters
Fibre Optic Matrix Switches
Fibre Optic Analogue Digital IO
Fibre Optic Distribution Amplifiers
Fibre Optic Adapters and Couplers
Fibre Optic Connectors
Fibre Optic Video Audio Telephone
Fibre Optic Cables and Patch Cords
Fibre Optic Ethernet

ITM’s fibre optic products feature popular Extenders, fibre optic cable, fibre optic connectors, attenuators, splitters and fibre optic termination enclosures.
Fibre Optic Extenders
Our Fibre Optic Extenders offer a perfect solution for extending and managing control systems, touch screen or digital signage applications at great distances. The DVI RS232 sends DVI, RS232, and IR signals up to 1000 feet using a single CAT5 and single SC fibre. RS232 and IR signals are transmitted over a single CAT5 cable while the DVI signal is transmitted over a single SC fibre. 

IPAD and WEB Interfaces

Extron Touchlink IPAD Interface
Extron Medialink IPAD Interface
Gefen GAVA WEB Interface

Interface Architectural Connectivity

Architectural Connectivity products provide a simple, neat and tidy solution to bridging the gap between input devices (Laptops, DVD Players Etc) and output devices (Projectors, TV’s, Interactive whiteboards Etc).

Architectural connectivity products are available in many different Sizes, shapes, colours and configuration, but the systems consist of a Mount or box and a number of adaptor plates.

Adaptor plates are available power sockets and with many combinations of all popular AV connectors including:

  • Video connectors such as DVI, HDMI, Display Port, VGA, Phono, and BNC
  • Audio connectors such as XLR, 3.5mm jack, ¼’ jack, Phono, and Neutrik Speakon
  • Computer connectors such as serial, parallel, USB, XLR, and firewire
  • Data Connectors such as, Fibre, RJ11, RJ12, and RJ45

Interface Configurable Control Systems

ITM Components offers Configurable Control Systems from Extron and Gefen.

These systems work use a processor unit to control the external devices (DVD’s, TV’s, Lights etc) and an Input device to interact with the processor.

In the Extron solution the input device is the Touchlink screen and the optional IPAD APP.

In the Gefen solution the input device is a Web page accessible from ANY web enabled device, (Desktop, Laptop, Android Tablet or Phone, Apple Tablet or Phone etc)

Digital Signage Solutions

Gefen HD Digital Signage Media Player
Gefen HD Digital Signage Player
Gefen Digital Signage Player with Wi-Fi
Gefen Digital Signage Player with Wi-Fi Plus
Gefen Digital Signage Creator
Gefen HD Digital Signage Creator

Video Wall Controllers

Hetec V-Match
Hetec V-Match C9

Digital Signage is an exciting new way to advertise your business or service.

ITM Components provides flexible, scalable and cost effective Digital Signage and Video wall solutions from industry the leading manufacturers Gefen and Hetec.

The concept is simple; Mount a display or set up a kiosk in an area of high visibility, create your content, and load it onto your player. This interactive content can be anything from video to live news feeds. You can even schedule what content plays when.

ITM is pleased to offer a variety of Digital Signage units designed for your particular uses. When you need 1080p Full HD playback and scheduling, the HD Digital Signage Media Player from Gefen is a great choice. When it comes to content creation, the Digital Signage Creator from Gefen is at the top of its class. ITM Components can also supply Wi-Fi compatible units from Gefen to save on costly cabling.

Solutions can range from one display up to thousands located anywhere in the world. User-friendly software makes "complicated" productions and configuration a thing of the past.

For maximum impact and truly eye catching installations, the output from these systems can set via one of the video wall controllers by Hetec to video wall of multiple monitors

Our solutions are outright purchases, with no complex contracts, no on-going fees and no advertising agreements.

If you haven’t discovered one of the best new trends in marketing - digital signage, now is the time to let ITM Components introduce you to great options.

Cables and Connectors Connectivity

L-com is a leading U.S. manufacturer of Ethernet cable, coaxial cable, data cable, coaxial connectors, adapters, Wi-fi booster and Hyper-Link antenna products.

  • L-com products are used by globally by the military, industry and individuals.
  • L-coms build quality and reliability are truly exceptional. Returns are virtually un-heard of.
  • Most products are made in the USA or at L-coms own manufacturing facility in China.
  • In stock items ship the same day and Non-stocked items are imported each weekend.
  • L-com has experience designing custom products such as: cable assemblies, connectors, adapters, Wi-fi amplifiers, Wi-fi antenna and NEMA enclosures.

Contact ITM Components now. We are your "one stop shop" for all your L-Com wired and wireless connectivity product needs.

Components and Cabling

• L-com
• EnGenius
• Ubiquiti
• Linksys
• Antenna/Radio Kits

• Bulk Cable
• Cable Assemblies
• Firewire/DIN/SCSI/SATA
• KVM Switches
• Power Products
• RF Filters/Splitters
• Serial Converters/Cards
• Switch Boxes
• Telecom/Modular
• Test Equipment
• Tools


• Audio/Video
• Coaxial
• D-Subminiature
• Firewire/DIN/SCSI/SATA
• Fiber Optic
• Ethernet Cabling


• 400 MHz Antennas
• 900 MHz Antennas
• 1.2 GHz Antennas
• 1.9 GHz Antennas
• 2.4 GHz Antennas
• 2.6 GHz Antennas
• 3.5 GHz Antennas
• 4.9 GHz Antennas
• 5.3 GHz Antennas
• 5.4 GHz Antennas
• 5.8 GHz Antennas
• MIMO / 802.11n Antennas
• Broadband / DAS Antennas
• Antenna/Radio Kits
• Parabolic Dish Radome Covers
• Mobile Antenna Mounts
• WiFi Antenna Mounts
• Grid Replacement Hardware
• AISG Connectors
• AISG Cable


• Cable Assemblies
• Adapters, Couplers, Splitters
• Digital Signage, Video Extension
• VGA Splitters/Extenders
• DVI Splitters/Extenders
• HDMI Splitters/Extenders
• KVM Switches and Extenders
• Wall Plates (Pre-Configured)
• Video Coax Protectors
• Connectors
• Bulk Cable


• Cable Assemblies
• Semi-Rigid, Formable Cables
• Connectors
• Adapters, Couplers, Splitters
• Baluns
• Bulk Cable
• MIL-STD-1553B
• Tools
• Wall Plates and Jacks
• Kits


• Antennas
• Audio/Video
• Coaxial
• D-Subminiature
• Firewire/DIN/SCSI/SATA
• Fiber Optic
• Ethernet Cabling


• Cable Assemblies
• Connectors
• Adapters, Couplers, Splitters
• Bulk Cable
• Switch Boxes
• Cable Ties, Heat Shrink, Tubing
• Tools
• Loopbacks
• Kits
• Wall Plates

Fiber Optic

• Cable Assemblies
• Adapters,Couplers,Splitters
• Attenuators
• Connectors
• Bulk Cable
• Tools
• Loopbacks
• Kits
• Fiber Termination Enclosures
• Fiber Switch Boxes

Lightning Protectors

• Coaxial Protectors
• Cat5/5e/6 & PoE Camera Protectors
• Cat5/5e/6 Protectors/PoE Injector
• Telephone/DSL/T1
• RS422-485
• Load Cell/RTD Protectors
• AISG/RET Protectors
• AC/DC Control Line Protectors
• Outdoor Speakers/Public Address Systems
• Electrical Box Mount
• DIN Rail Mount Protectors
• Rack Mount CAT5/6 Protectors
• Video Coax Protectors
• USB Surge Protector
• 4-20 mA Current Loop Protectors
• PTZ Camera Protectors
• Tripp-Lite Phone/Network Protectors
• Grounding Kits


• Cable Assemblies
• Adapters & Couplers
• Connectors & Covers
• Bulk Cable
• Hubs, Converters, Cards
• Extenders

Weatherproof Enclosures

• Industrial NEMA Enclosures by Size
• Industrial NEMA Enclosures by Material
• UL Industrial Enclosures
• Windowed Enclosures
• Non-Powered Industrial Enclosures
• 120V AC Powered Industrial Enclosures
• 240V AC Powered Industrial Enclosures
• AC Universal Outlet Enclosures
• PoE Powered Industrial Enclosures
• NEMA Enclosures- 12V DC Powered
• NEMA Enclosures- DIN Rail Mounts
• NID Enclosures
• Vented Industrial Enclosures
• Cooled Industrial Enclosures
• Heated Industrial Enclosures
• Cooled & Heated Industrial Enclosures
• Enclosure Accessories

Wireless LAN Amplifiers

• 900 MHz WiFi Amplifiers
• 2.4 GHz WiFi Amplifiers
• 3.5 GHz WiFi Amplifiers
• 4.9 GHz WiFi Amplifiers
• 5.8 GHz WiFi Amplifiers
• WiFi Amplifier Accessories

KVM Switches

  • KVM Switches (Many to 1)
  • KVM Matrix Switches (Many to Many)
  • KVM over IP
  • USB KVM Switches
  • KVM Extenders
  • Fibre Optic KVM Extenders
  • KVM via CAT5
  • KVM Rackdrawers
  • KVM LCD Drawers
  • KVM Splitters (1 to Many)
  • KVM Sharers (1 to Many)

1 user control of 2 or 4 computers
Desktop KVM switches allow access of 2 to 4 computers from a single keyboard, video and mouse (KVM ) console. These are ideal for high-tech workstations and the small home/office environment. USB and PS2 KVM switches are compact, robust and can be interfaced to VGA or DVI monitors for superior video quality.

4 user control of 32 computers
The Unimux High density VGA, USB KVM matrix switches allow up to 4 users to individually command or simultaneously share up to 32 USB computers. Access USB computers (PC, SUN, MAC ) using USB keyboards and mice and multiscan VGA monitors.

KVM Rackdrawer
Rackmount USB + PS2 KVM Drawer combines a Rackmount LCD monitor, Keyboard and touchpad mouse in a space saving 1RU industrial strength drawer. Available for 15” and 17” LCD flat panel VGA or DVI monitor.

KVM Extenders

USB Extenders
Audio/Video Extenders
VGA Video Extenders
VGA Splitter Extenders
DVI Extenders
DVI Splitter Extenders
HDMI Extenders
Displayport Extenders
HDTV Extenders
Components Video Extenders
Fibre Optic Extenders
KVM Extenders
Firewire Extenders

ITM Components offers a wide range of extenders for home, commercial and industrial applications. Extenders are used to transmit computer and video signals over short and long distances without the use of expensive and sometimes heavy cables.

VGA Extenders

VGA Extenders transmit VGA video signals up to 1000ft away from a computer using low cost CAT5/5e/6 cable.
Each video extender consists of a local unit that connects to a computer and also supplies video to a local monitor and a remote unit that connects to a monitor. Models support high resolutions up to 2048x1536 and are available with audio and RS232 options.

DVI Extenders

DVI Extenders can transmit DVI video signals up to resolutions of 3840 x 2400. DVI Extenders can transmit DVI video signals up to 6600ft (2km). DVI Extenders can transmit DVI video signals over 1 or more Fibre or CAT5/5e/6 cables.
Each video extender consists of a local unit that connects to a computer and a remote unit that connects to a monitor. Models are available with audio and RS232 options.

HDMI Extenders

HDMI Extenders transmit HDMI video signals up to 330ft (100m) away from a computer using 1 or 2 low cost CAT5/5e/6 cables. Each video extender consists of a local unit that connects to an HDMI Source and supplies video to a remote unit that connects to a monitor. Models support many of the latest HDMI 1.3 and HDMI 1.4 functions including HD resolutions 720p, 1080i, 1080p, Deep Colour, 4k, 3D and IR return.


KVM Extenders allow a keyboard, video and mouse (KVM) console to locate up to 300 meters away from a computer or KVM installation.  Fibre Optic KVM Extenders can be utilised to cover distances to over 2000 Meters

USB and Firewire Extenders/Hubs

USB and Firewire Extenders allow peripheral devices such as printers, scanners, cameras, machines etc. to be placed at a distance from the controlling computer for convenience, functionality or health and safety reasons, and controlled over Cat 5 (upto 100m) or Fibre (upto 500m).

Networking and Infrastructure

  • Racks
  • PDUS
  • Rack Accessories
  • Environmental monitoring

ITM Components offer an extensive range of products suited to server rooms of all sizes, from a single cabinet setup to the largest data centres and server farms.

ITM offers racks on a custom made or of the shelf basis from manufacturers such as Kontron, Austin Hughes, Assmann, Orion and Cannon.

ITM supplies Environmental monitoring systems from NTI and Austin Hughes.

Recent advances in PDU technology are set to change the industry. PDUs are no longer restricted to simply supplying power to servers. Modern Intelligent PDUs from manufactures like Austin Hughes and ATEN, can now offer Features including Rack security, Environmental monitor, Detailed Power Monitoring and Remote power control.

ITM offers a range of rack accessories including Patch panels, blanking plates and rack draws from manufactures like L-Com, Mid-Atlantic, Assmann.

Environmental Monitoring

Temperature Sensing
Temperature Monitoring
Humidity Sensor
Humidity Monitoring
Water Leakage
Power Monitoring
Motion & Vibration
Intrusion Alarms
Smoke Detection

ITM offer a range of environmental monitoring systems from NTI. Whatever the size of you requirement we have an environmental monitoring solution for you.

Server environmental monitoring systems monitor critical environmental conditions, such as temperature, humidity, water presence, power, intrusion, and smoke. When a sensor goes out of range of a programmed limit or threshold, the system will notify by email message, LEDS, alarm, siren, or voice message on land line or SMS/email via GSM/3g modem.

Industrial Automation and Control

USB Serial
USB Digital I/O 
USB  Analogue
PC104 Serial
PC104 Digital I/O 
PC104 Analogue
PCI  Serial
PCI Digital I/O 
PCI  Analogue
Distributed I/O
Ribbon Cables & Adapter Boards

ITM Components  Interface and Communications products provide an extensive range of analogue input, analogue output, digital, serial communication, and isolated I/O boards and solutions. Also complete systems, integration services and enclosures with a quick turn around custom projects, including software. Products are designed for use with PC/104, PCI, Low Profile PCI, EBX, EPIC, USB, Ethernet, and ISA buses as well as distributed and wireless I/O. 

Acces I/O

Founded in 1987 in San Diego, CA, ACCES (Acquisition Control Communication Engineering/Systems) offers one of the industry’s widest selection of data acquisition (DAQ) products, with hundreds of standard, off the shelf products to choose from. These products include signal conditioning, analog and digital I/O, RS-232/422/485 serial communications, isolated input / relay output, and watchdog timer cards, which feature specific, practical functionality.


ATEN, established in 1979, is specialized in connectivity and management solutions in accessing and sharing technologies. ATEN consists of innovative solutions applied to connectivity, professional audio/video, and green energy, for consumers, small/home offices (SOHO), small to medium sized businesses (SMB), and enterprise customers.

Austin Hughes

Founded in 1995, Austin Hughes Electronics Ltd is a design and manufacturing group that offers a broad range of solutions based around 19 inch rack mount technology. These solutions include Server Rack Enclosures, LCD Keyboard and KVM drawers, IP KVM Switches, IP Power Management, Industrial LCD panels, Embedded PC’s and High Density Rack Mount Servers.

EKS Engels

Founded in 1931, and a specialist in communication systems for the transmission of data, video and/or audio signals via fiber optics, EKS develops and produces industrial network devices such as managed and unmanaged Ethernet switches, media converters for fieldbus applications, I/O devices and optical bypass systems that ensure a safe data transmission even in case of multiple points of failure. Moreover, the fiber optic specialist offers passive components such as compact splice boxes, patch panels and cables.


Extron Electronics are a leading manufacturer of professional AV system integration products including computer-video interfaces, switchers, matrix switchers, system controllers, distribution amplifiers, audio products, speakers, video scalers, scan converters, signal processing devices, Ethernet control interfaces, and high resolution cable.


 Gefen is a leading solutions provider at the forefront of the digital connectivity arena, delivering a wide selection of audio/video switchers, splitters, extenders, scalers, converters, adapters, cables, digital signage solutions and home theater accessories that support consumer, industrial and commercial applications of all shapes and sizes. Gefen's scalable solutions allow audio/video and computer systems to be easily integrated, extended, distributed and optimized to maximize performance.

Icron Technologies

Icron Technologies is a leading global developer and manufacturer of high-performance USB and video extension solutions for commercial and industrial markets including Medical, Military,  Industrial Automation,  Machine Vision, ProAV, Education, and Mining/Exploration. Icron’s patented extension technology extends USB and video devices over many media types including Cat 5e, Fiber, Wireless, PowerLine, and over a corporate LAN.

L-Com Global Connectivity

Founded in 1982, L-com Global Connectivity is located in Massachusetts, USA, and is dedicated to the design and production of a wide range of connectivity products for the electronics and data communication industries. L-com are world leaders in the production of copper and fibre cable assemblies, wireless antennas, and amplifiers, and accessories for modular, coaxial, and computer networking applications.

Network Technologies Inc

Network Technologies Inc. manufactures keyboard-video-mouse (KVM) and audio/video switches, splitters and extenders for computers (PC, MAC, and SUN, including USB) and video sources (DVD player, satellite receiver). NTI also produce the renowned Enviromux Environmental Monitoring Range.


Newnex is the worldwide leader of innovation for cables, in particular IEEE 1394 (FireWire), USB, Gigabit and other connectivity technologies for machine vision, medical imaging, aerospace and a wide range of other industries.


Since its founding in 2001, Ophit has established itself as a leading designer and manufacturer of cutting-edge Fibre Optic Converters, Extenders and Splitters, for the Audio-Video Market.

Scene Double

Scene Double’s experience and expertise in the professional KVM and video extension market stretches back over 20 years from its formation in 1991.  The company’s roots are as a specialist designer and supplier of analogue video splitting devices for high bandwidth, distortion-free image duplication; devices that were used widely in the computer graphics industry and in financial and commercial sectors.  Spotting market requirements, the company grew and evolved by introducing new products to provide intelligent point-to-point extensions for computers.  Scene Double was one of the first manufacturers to introduce dedicated products for keyboard, video and mouse connectivity to connect distant computers over a single Cat5 cable and provide remote operation.  The range incorporated unique features such as full KVM emulation which offered permanent connectivity of peripheral devices to CPUs for simultaneous remote and local operation.

Smart AVI

SmartAVI, Inc. is a globally recognized manufacturer of video switches, splitters, converters, extenders (video, USB, HDBaseT, fiber, infrared), multiviewers, large and small scale matrixes, digital signage and video wall systems, as well as DVI, HDMI, and KVM solutions.

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